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Which Arizona Suntan Lotion is Right for You?

  Arizona suntan lotion can be used when you have a healthy base tan. It can make you achieve the sun-kissed skin you've been dreaming of. What lo...
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Can Suntan Lotion Damage Your Skin?

Suntan lotion is a summer staple for many Americans. This is also the best way to help you develop an ever-elusive real tan. But is this lotion safe to use? Can it damage your skin? You’re going to find the answers here in this post. So, let’s dive in.
Can You Get A Deeper Tan Using Suntan Lotion?

Can You Get A Deeper Tan Using Suntan Lotion?

One of the most common ways to increase tanning time is to use suntan lotion, allowing the sun's rays to give the skin a beautiful natural color. Learn more about the differences between sunscreen and suntan oil, and how it can affect a tan.
The Fastest Remedy to Heal Your Sunburn

The Fastest Remedy to Heal Your Sunburn

If you live in Arizona, most of the daily activities here involve spending a lot of time in the sun. The risk of burning is high! Thankfully, though, ArizonaSun offers sunburn relief that can help relieve your burned skin in a matter of days. 
Why Must Cactus be Part of Your Skin Care Routine?

Why Must Cactus be Part of Your Skin Care Routine?

Our suntan lotion here at ArizonaSun includes the amazing power of cactus. But why? You might wonder how the dry and thorny plant is ideal for your skincare routine. If you’re wondering too, read this article and you might start adding this plant to your routine. 
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The Safest SPF, the Ideal Tanning Time, and the Best Suntan Lotion

Tanning has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, just like the accompanying awareness about how to do it safely. Here at Arizona Sun, we take pride in developing reliable products for you to safely enjoy the sun. Here are some common questions about how to tan responsibly and what suntan lotion is best for those who want to gain a little more color.
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