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16 Oz shampoo

Why Is Your Shampoo Making Your Hair Look Limp?

Have you ever wondered why your hair looks limp and lifeless, even after using your favorite shampoo? The truth is that not all shampoos are create...
prickly pear lip balm

Why You Want Prickly Pear Lip Balm

The prickly pear is an interesting desert plant. It’s both a veggie and a fruit - one of the few plants that make this distinction. The green pods...
bath puff

Why You Need to Use a Bath Puff When You Shower or Bathe

One of the best shower or bath companions to keep on hand is a bath puff. ArizonaSun features these poufs in pink, turquoise, white, and black. Br...
natural sunscreen

Natural Sunscreen: Sun Damage Can Still Happen

Ever wonder why some people tan so easy while others burn to a crisp after a short time in the sun? The answer lies in your skin’s melanin level. ...
Crystal glass nail files

Why Crystal Glass Nail Files Are Better than Emery Boards

Crystal and glass are interchangeable terms when it comes to nail files, so ArizonaSun makes everything easier to understand by featuring crystal g...

What’s the Difference Between Sunblock and Sunscreen?

The sun radiates life-giving energy, but it also comes with harmful UVA and UVB rays that can cause serious damage to our skin. To protect ourselv...
Suntan Lotions

Why Silicone is Used in Massage Lotions

Silicone has long been hailed as a versatile material with numerous applications across various industries. In recent years, its use in Suntan Lot...
Jalapeno jelly spread

Jalapeno Jelly Spread: A Unique Way to Spice Up Your Cuisine

If you're a fan of sweet and spicy flavors, a jalapeno jelly spread is the perfect addition to your pantry. Made from fresh jalapeno peppers, this...
Is It Better to Use a Higher SPF Sunscreen When You Ski?

Is It Better to Use a Higher SPF Sunscreen When You Ski?

People in Arizona must protect their skin from the desert sun. But they also need sunburn protection when they ski in the winter time. While most ...
lip balm

Can Too Much Lip Balm Chap Your Lips?

You've probably heard the phrase "everything in moderation," and that might leave you wondering if using lip balm products too often can actually ...
Why Lip Balm is Better than Lipstick

Why Lip Balm is Better than Lipstick

  In today's beauty world, the debate between lipstick and lip balm is a hot topic. Both products serve different purposes and have their respectiv...
travel-size tanning oil

What’s in the Travel Size Tanning Oil?

Travel-size tanning oil is perfect for people who are always on the go. The ingredients of tanning oil will depend on the brand. If you are lookin...
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