Why Must Cactus be Part of Your Skin Care Routine?

Our suntan lotion here at ArizonaSun includes the amazing power of cactus. But why? You might wonder how the dry and thorny plant is ideal for your skincare routine. If you’re wondering, too, then make sure to read this article and you might start adding this plant to your routine. 

Suntan Lotion Can Help Dry Skin 

In addition to protecting your skin against the sun’s rays, ArizonaSun suntan lotion is also perfect for your dry skin. This lotion contains cacti’s gel that is high in bacterial properties. 

When it's applied to your skin, it can fight moisture loss. It’s rich in moisture, thereby, a perfect partner to hydrate your dry skin. You can safely re-apply this lotion twice a day. 

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For Sensitive Skin Too 

Apart from hydrating your skin, the cacti in this suntan lotion can be beneficial to sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, it’s prone to irritation, inflammation, and dehydration. The use of ArizonaSun suntan lotion soothes your skin while promoting hydration. 

Anti-Aging Properties 

Indeed, you can’t stop yourself from aging. Sooner or later the signs will be prominent. However, you can delay the signs from showing up when you apply a lotion with cactus. The said plant has anti-aging properties that can help in getting your youthful skin back.

What Makes Cacti Useful to Your Skin? 

Cacti contain a large amount of vitamin E. This vitamin is known for its healing and hydrating abilities. And for added protection in the morning when you’re out in the sun, you may apply sunscreen. 

Can You Apply this Suntan Lotion to Your Face? 

Yes, you can. Our suntan lotion is also sunscreen. It’s greaseless so your face won’t look like an oily pan. Although it’s creamy, your skin will easily absorb it. And because of its unique blend of natural ingredients, including Arizona cacti, you can safely apply it to your face. 

Even if you have oily skin, this suntan lotion is safe to use. This option doesn’t clog your pores. In that case, it won’t increase your risk of developing acne after applying this lotion to your face. 

Cacti contain a high amount of water that can help in managing sebum production. The cactus extract in this product is rich in linoleum acid that can break down excess sebum from the pros. 

Furthermore, cacti have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. When you combine them, you’re getting a lotion that promotes healthy-looking skin with a clear complexion. 

However, you should not rely on this lotion to achieve a perfect complexion. Keep in mind that what you eat and do every day can also affect how your skin will look. If you want healthy skin, you need to consume healthy foods. You should avoid eating junk foods. Instead, opt to eat more fruits and vegetables. 

Then, you need to make sure that you hydrate yourself well. Drink a lot of water each day. If you sweat profusely, drinking beverages with electrolytes can help provide proper hydration. 

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