This SPF 45 Water Resistant Spray Keeps You Safe, Even When Wet

Are you going to be spending time out in the sun? You better wear some sunscreen. Are you also going in the water? Well, you’ll want to use Arizona Sun’s water resistant spray.

Enjoying the Sun and the Water

Sunscreen is very important when it comes to enjoying the sun, especially when you’re going to be in the water. Not only will you be under the sun, after all, but the water will reflect even more sunlight onto you. This is why many people go on to notice that they get sunburned more easily when they go in the water than when they don’t. Although that’s sometimes also because they didn’t use the right sunscreen. The importance of using sunscreen in the water has led to a lot of water resistant sunscreens that will have a harder time being washed off by water. Why not waterproof? Well, good question.

water resistant sunscreen

Water Resistant, not Waterproof

There is no such thing as waterproof sunscreen. In fact, a few years ago the FDA released a statement declaring that “Manufacturers cannot label sunscreens as "waterproof" or "sweatproof," or identify their products as "sunblocks," because these claims would overstate their effectiveness. With enough water, any sunscreen will inevitably wash off, or else you wouldn’t be able to shower your sunscreen off. Because of this, you will no longer find real sunscreen products labeled as waterproof anymore. The FDA further explained that “sunscreens also cannot claim to provide sun protection for more than two hours without reapplication,” which is why even water resistance means that you’ll need to reapply the sunscreen after some time in the water.

Water Resistant Spray

So, what is the point of water resistant spray if it’s not actually waterproof? Well, that water resistance is exactly what allows sunscreen to remain effective while getting wet. While regular sunscreen might wash off after a few minutes in the sea or the pool, water resistant sunscreen will last for up to two hours thanks to its specific composition. The good thing about the spray version of this sunscreen, is that it’s very easy to apply and reapply. If someone wants to continue enjoying the water after two hours, it’s very easy for them to head out for a second, quickly dry off, and spray themselves with more sunscreen. The Arizona Sun SPF water resistant sunscreen spray will allow you to best protect yourself from the sun while also enjoying the sea or the pool.

Arizona Sun Sunscreen Products

Whether you are looking for water resistant sunscreen, a skin moisturizer, or even tanning oil, you should know that Arizona Sun will always have you covered. Arizona Sun is continuously making an effort to develop products that take care of your skin under the sun, regardless of whether you go in the water or not. Whether you are looking to protect yourself from the sun or to safely enjoy it, they have all the right products for you. However, that is only the beginning. Go ahead and take a look at everything that Arizona Sun has to offer at

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