Ways You Can Use Arizona Sun’s Tanning Oil

Tanning oil typically means summer. But just because summer ends, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer use it. Arizona Sun’s tanning oil can be used in a lot of ways, besides giving you a sun-kissed color. 

Use Tanning Oil as a Body Moisturizer 

Arizona Sun Tanning oil has SPF 3. It’s formulated with all-natural ingredients, including aloe, sage, cacti, jojoba, and wild roses. All of these are easily absorbed by the skin and they can all capture the sun’s rays to give you the tanned skin that you want

However, if you’re not out in the sun and you’re already satisfied with your healthy base tan, you can still apply this oil every day by using it as a body moisturizer. It’s safe to use it each day considering that it has no unnecessary fillers. It also doesn’t include harmful chemicals. Only oils that can hydrate skin. 

It’s not like other tanning oils that you can find on the market. In that case, don’t expect it to be greasy and slick. When applied to the skin, it dries quickly so you can safely use it as a body moisturizer. You can apply it all winter when your skin is too dry. 

Tanning oil

Remove Your Makeup with Arizona Sun’s Tanning Oil 

Our tanning oil is best used when you have a healthy base tan. It’s true. Then again, this oil has plenty of uses. In addition, this oil can also be applied to remove your makeup. 

In that case, if you forgot to bring your makeup remover wipes while you’re on vacation, you can safely use this oil to gently remove your makeup. Simply put a small amount on a cotton pad and wipe away your morning makeup. However, you should avoid contacting your eyes with this oil. 

Can It Be Used as a Sun Protection Product? 

It only contains SPF3. In that case, it may not be enough to give you the protection that you need if you need to be staying under the sun for long hours. Instead, you may use our sun protection products that you can find here

Arizona Sun Sun Care products have at least SPF15. They are sufficient to protect your skin against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. And if you wish to apply sun tanning oil while you’re out in the sun, you can apply sunscreen on top of the oil to give added protection. 

Get the Best Tan 

Of course, this tanning oil is designed to give you the best tan, as long as you already have a healthy base tan. You can use it at any time. It can hydrate your skin while giving you that luxurious tan. 

Our line of products here at ArizonaSun is PABA-free. They are also non-greasy. In that case, you can use our tanning oil every day, even if your intention isn’t to get the best tan. Try our sun care protection today or buy our sun tanning oil here

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