The Safest SPF, the Ideal Tanning Time, and the Best Suntan Lotion

Tanning has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, just like the accompanying awareness about how to do it safely. Here at Arizona Sun, we take pride in developing reliable products for you to safely enjoy the sun. Here are some common questions about how to tan responsibly and what suntan lotion is best for those who want to gain a little more color.

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What’s the Best SPF to Tan Safely?

Regardless of whether you want to tan or not, you will need protection on your skin. Tanning without any sort of sun protection can not only result in severe sunburns, but it can also have long-lasting health consequences. This is why you need to look out for good SPF numbers on tanning lotions so that you can still protect yourself when gaining some color on your skin. Make sure that the lowest SPF you’re reaching for when tanning is SPF 15. Anything lower than that can put you at risk because it offers virtually no protection. You should only use lower SPF counts if you are using them along with higher SPF sunscreens

How Long is it Safe to Tan?

First, it’s important to remember that the time it will take for you to tan will vary depending on your skin color, the climate, and your distance from the equator. However, most people will tan within one to two hours under the sun. Burns and tans usually take a while to set in, so don’t make decisions based on whether or not you are already getting any color or not. Remember that tanning, even with the right protections, comes with its risks, so don’t overextend your stay underneath the sun. A good way to protect yourself, beyond just using the right SPF (of at least 30, no less than 15) is to stay hydrated, spend time in the shade, and limit direct exposure.

What’s the Best Suntan Lotion?

So, how should you balance out safety and your tan? Well, safety should always come first, so don’t make any sacrifices in that regard just to show off a tan, it’s not worth it. The good news is that we at Arizona Sun have the right sun tanning products so that you can safely enjoy the sun and gain some color. Our suntan lotion collection includes tanning oil and lotions of varying SPF numbers so you can adequately protect yourself and look good in the process. Go ahead and browse the sun section of our online store and find the right products for your fun in the sun.

Arizona Sun Products

Here at Arizona Sun, you won’t just find suntan lotion. We have a wide array of skincare, lip care, and bath products that are designed to take care of your skin and make sure it always looks its best. If you have any questions about our store, our products, or ordering pickup, email us at can either visit us at our store at 14806 N. 74th Street in Scottsdale, AZ., or buy not only these through our online store, but all of our skin protection products.

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