The Fastest Remedy to Heal Your Sunburn

Each year, over 30,000 experience sunburn. And if you live in Arizona, most of the daily activities here involve spending a lot of time in the sun. With that in mind, the risk of burning is high. Thankfully, though, ArizonaSun offers sunburn relief that can help relieve your burned skin in a matter of days. 

Heal Your Skin with Sunburn Relief from Arizona Sun 

Overexposing your skin to UV rays can quickly cause sunburns. If you have darker skin, though, you don’t burn as quickly as those with paler skin. Still, if you are overexposed, you get sunburn. 

You should apply the Sunburn Relief before you go out in the sun. Then, re-apply it after a few hours. You may use it for sun protection. 

sunburn relief

How fast your skin heals from sunburn will depend on a variety of factors. Unfortunately, sunburn relief won’t get rid of the redness overnight. However, the redness will slowly fade as the day goes by. Besides using this sunburn relief from ArizonaSun, you also need to get a lot of sleep. 

Keep in mind that sleep restriction can affect how your body manages inflammation. In that case, if you don’t get enough sleep, the healing may take a while, even if you apply sunburn relief every few hours. 

It’s also important that you avoid smoking while allowing your burned skin to heal. Tobacco has properties that can impair the natural healing process because they promote inflammation. 

While you’re healing, make sure not to smoke. Better yet, you should slowly start to quit smoking. This might be the best time to create a cessation plan that can truly work for you. 

Most of all, you must avoid additional exposure to the sun. Otherwise, exposing your skin further to UV rays will only cause more damage to your skin. In other words, the inflamed area will just get worse. 

Thus, if you really need to go out, you should apply sunburn relief and wear sunscreen products. You should also cover your burned skin with proper clothing. Wear a hat if you can. 

Then, after a day’s work, get a cool bath in the evening to soothe your skin. Add our sun tanning oil to the tub to assist in the healing of the sunburn. Our sun tanning oil contains natural ingredients with healing abilities. 

After a cool bath, don’t forget to apply a little moisture to your skin. Our ArizonaSun skin moisturizer is the perfect lotion to provide proper hydration from head to toe. It’s especially useful if you have sunburn. 

This moisturizer has 44 natural cacti and plants from Arizona’s desert. For instance, it contains aloe vera, which is known as nature’s burn relief. It soothes your dry skin while it helps heal your sunburn. 

Get Rid of the Redness

When you follow the pieces of advice above, the sunburn redness will be gone in no time. Choose to support your natural healing process by applying this sunburn relief to your skin. Shop our products here

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