Can You Get A Deeper Tan Using Suntan Lotion?

Going out in the sun is one of the great pleasures of living in a warmer climate, and one of the things that many people enjoy is sunbathing. Tanning has been popular since the 1920s at least, and although it is known that repeated exposure to the sun increases the risk of skin cancer, getting brown skin is still something that most people want when they go on vacation. 

In the past, one of the most common ways to increase tanning time was to make use of suntan lotion, allowing the sun's rays to give the skin a beautiful natural color. In most cases, people have turned away from these forms of lotions, and instead opted for a sunscreen instead. Arizona Sun can tell customers more about the differences between sunscreen and suntan oil, and how it can affect a tan.

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The Differences Between Sunscreen And Tanning Oil

The major difference between sunscreen and tanning oil is in the amount of protection that it provides against UV rays. A tanning oil will increase the tanning process by allowing more of the sun's rays to reach the body. This means that it is not protecting users against these rays and could even mean that you get burnt. The majority of tanning lotions contain the same mixture as sunscreen, but are less resistant to UV rays, and often have an SPF of below 15. While this is not good for children - as VeryWellHealth says "children should only use a sunscreen or sunblock that provides a broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection". However, adults may choose to use this type of oil if they wish.

Does Sunscreen Tan Like Suntan Lotion?

The modern versions of suntan oil work to prevent the sun from reaching the skin. There are two different varieties here, sunscreen which works to deflect rays chemically, and tend to have higher SPF factors, and sunblocks, which are a physical block that rebuffs UV rays and prevents them getting to the skin. Sunblocks can be seen on TV being worn by sports people, often under the eyes and across the nose, but most people choose to use sunscreen. Because this limits the amount of sunlight that reaches the skin in all forms, not just UV light, there is a decreased chance of getting a tan. However, stay out in the sun for long enough, and it is likely that everyone will get a slight tan even with the strongest sunblock.

Want To Try Tanning Oil?

If you decide that you are not worried about UV rays and want to try tanning oil to make sure that you get a brown skin in time to return to the office, then you might want to consider specialist tanning oils. Make sure to pick up after-sun lotions to keep the skin fresh too. Find quality suntan lotions and other skin care products at our online store. We also offer promo codes with cool discounts and specials every month.

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