Why You Must Get the Best Sun Tanning Oil When in Arizona?

The sun in Arizona can be brutal. Hence, before you head out, aim to use the best sun tanning oil if you wish to get a natural tan. Why? You may ask. 

Best Tanning Oil for a Perfect Complexion

Getting a tan makes you more attractive. You may feel more confident and get attention from the opposite sex. But when you do get a tan, make sure that it’s an equal tan. And you can easily achieve that when you use sun tanning oil from our Arizona Sun collection. Plus, the oil will get you a tan faster. In that case, you don’t have to stay out under the heat of the sun for a longer period just to get the tan that you want. 

However, that’s not all the sun tanning oil can provide. By using this oil, you’ll get additional sun protection. 

The higher UV exposure, the faster your skin produces melanin. In that case, the areas treated with tanning oils will be intensified. 

Best Sun Tanning Oil

High SPF 

But just because you wish to get a tan, doesn’t mean that you won’t protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Although the purpose of exposing your skin to the skin is to get a perfect tan, you still need more sun protection. 

For that reason, it’s pertinent that you apply sun tanning oil with high SPF. But if you use an oil with high SPF, it only regulates the sun ray’s intensity. It means that it’ll repel the sun’s rays so you won’t get the tan that you want. 

It’s one reason it’s ideal to get sun tanning oil with SPF 15, like the one we’re selling at Arizona Sun. 

SPF 15 offers an optional solution that prevents you from getting a sunburn while the oil will give you a suntan complexion. 

When you apply the oil to your body, make sure that you pour a generous amount to your palms and spread the oil evenly across the body that you wish to get tanned. You can apply the oil onto your face. But you must apply it gently and evenly. 

Ideally, you use the oil on your entire body. In that way, you can avoid having an uneven tan complexion. 

Should You Re-Apply? 

To speed up your tanning, you may re-apply the oil every two hours. It’s especially true if you sweat a lot or you go for a swim. 

You may apply oil every five hours if you wish to avoid over tanning your skin. 

Why Shop at Arizona Sun? 

At Arizona Sun, we only use natural ingredients in making our sun tanning oil. That’s why it’s safe for your skin and won’t harm the environment.

When you browse our collection, you’ll find that we don’t only sell the best sun tanning oil but we also sell shampoos, moisturizers, lip balm, and others. And if your orders reached more than $75, you’ll get free shipping. Explore our catalog!

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