Why Choose to Buy Travel Size Sun Tan Lotion?

travel-size sun tan lotion

Our travel-size sun tan lotion is available in a four-ounce bottle. But why should you pick this size if you’re not traveling frequently? Is this better than a regular-size lotion? 

The Advantages of Travel Size Sun Tan Lotion

A small-size lotion can easily fit into your purse. Even if you don’t travel that much, you can carry it anywhere you go. This lotion isn’t only for people who wish to get a tan. Rather, you can use it as an ordinary lotion with sun protection and the ability to accelerate the tanning process. Even if you’re only going to the office or supermarket, you can use this lotion. 

This travel-size lotion can also be allowed in your carry-on bag when you travel by plane. There’s no need to transfer it to a smaller container just to pass the requirements of the TSA for carry-ons

High-Performing Ingredients

But it’s not just about the size of this lotion. Rather, it’s the ingredients present in the bottle. The suntan lotion of Arizona sun is a favorite among skincare enthusiasts who wish to traverse the desert. It has a formula that your skin will love. There’s nothing in it that it won’t. It contains a blend of natural ingredients that can restore skin barriers while preventing moisture loss. 

What’s in the Bottle? 


It’s known for its soothing, firming, and youthful benefits. If you have oily skin, it provides your skin with rich vitamins and minerals to prevent clogged pores. With these nutrients, your skin has perfect allies to stop bacterial and fungal threats. Furthermore, cactus has a high water content that’s ideal to hydrate your oily skin. Hydration is vital to manage sebum production. 

travel-size sun tan lotion

Aloe Vera

Just like cactus, aloe vera is also a well-known plant that offers many skin benefits. Everyone knows about its benefits in treating sunburned skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties that make it great to soothe burned skin or dry skin. With those properties, it helps in reducing blemishes and wrinkles. Furthermore, aloe vera is non-irritating. Thus, it improves your skin without caution for some bumps or blisters. 


It’s the fruit of a rosebush. This is a tiny edible fruit that packs a powerful medicinal punch. Rosehip contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C and A, as well as fatty acids. It’s also a good source of vitamin F. With its vitamin content, it can reduce UV light damage as a result of free radicals. It also supports collagen production and reduces wrinkling. The high vitamin C content is perfect for wound healing and preventing dry skin. 

These are not the only ingredients found in our sun tan lotion. If you wish to read the complete list of ingredients, you’ll find it here. 

Why Will You Love this Small Size Lotion? 

It’s dye-free. Plus, it is available at a very affordable price. You also need a little amount to be spread onto your skin for protection and to help you achieve a natural tan. This small bottle is perfect for daily use or just when you’re traveling. You can get your travel-size sun tan lotion from our Arizona Sun online shop here. 

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