Can You Tan with SPF 3?


Sunscreen, per se, prevents tanning to some degree. However, when you use SPF 3, the sunscreen protection is not that high so you can still get tanned. But because of the low protection it offers, you can’t stay bathing in the sun for hours. That’s why you must have a healthy base tan when you use it before heading to the beach for sun tanning activity. 

How Does SPF 3 Work? 

It works by absorbing UV rays and changing them before they cause damage to your skin. When looking for sun protection products, you need to find one that is broad spectrum. In that way, it can protect against the damaging effects of both UVA and UVB rays. 

Is SPF 3 Better for Tanning? 

Yes, it is better for tanning because it only blocks a small amount of UV rays so you can get a sufficient tan. However, it is not ideal if you need to soak yourself in the sun. That’s why you need to get a healthy base tan first before using this product and achieving a nice tan. When you go out with only SPF 3 on your skin, you should not stay long. Perhaps, you can bathe in the sun for less than 15 minutes. You may pair it with a tanning oil to accelerate the process. It may help speed up your body’s ability to produce melanin. 


How to Get Tan and Not Burn? 

With bronze skin, you might look more attractive. However, we all know that prolonged exposure to the sun can increase your risk of skin cancer. Even when you wear sunscreen, you are still not risk-free if you go out to sunbathe in the outdoors. To get a tan faster without burning your skin, make sure to use sunscreen with SPF 3 or higher. Then, apply a tanning oil with sun protection. Apply it within 20 minutes of being outdoors. SPF 3, as mentioned earlier, is not so strong that you will not get a tan. Make sure that you cover your body with an ounce of sunscreen.

You should only stay out for two to three hours. Even if you stay longer than that, you will not get darker. And if you expose your skin past that point, you are only putting your skin in harm’s way as it increases your risk of skin cancer. 

When is the Best Time to Get a Tan? 

If you wish to get a tan quickly, make sure that you go out between noon and 3 pm. The sun at these times is at its strongest. However, remember that while it is the strongest during this time, it also causes the most damage to the skin because of the strength of its rays. You should also exfoliate your skin before you get a tan. If you don’t, your skin will only flake off. And after you get the color that you want, make sure to use an aloe vera gel to help your tan last longer. 

Shop for Sun Protection 

SPF 3 may offer low sun protection. But it is still better than not having sun protection at all. To shop for sun protection with natural ingredients, please visit our online shop here.

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