Should You Use Oil-Free Sunscreen?

oil-free sunscreen

A skincare routine is vital for your skin health. Skin experts highly recommend the use of sunscreen every time you go out. But you are afraid to use it because you are prone to acne breakouts. Should you use oil-free sunscreen

What are the Benefits of Oil-Free Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is vital for protecting your skin from UV rays. They are known to cause sun damage and premature aging. Without proper protection, your skin may develop skin cancer. Some sunscreen manufacturers add oils to their products for a smoother texture. Oils also help with proper hydration. Indeed, they can have positive effects. They also have a number of drawbacks to your skin. 

It is one reason the use of oil-free sunscreen is beneficial. This type of sunscreen is non-comedogenic and can prevent clogging your skin pores. It also does not add extra grease. Furthermore, it stops too much oil from building up, thereby, preventing acne and breakouts. 

Acne-Prone Skin and Oil-Free Sunscreen 

Most oil-free products are designed to prevent acne breakouts. They are non-comedogenic. If you have oily skin, you may think that you do not need the extra hydration that the oil can offer. Although oil is not bad for your skin, you may want to choose gel formulations as they can help in regulating sebum production. 

oil-free sunscreen

Balancing the Skin 

Sunscreen products without oil can balance your skin and prevent oil buildup on your face. Although oil is known to provide extra hydration, oil-free sunscreen products can still do their job well when it comes to preventing skin from during out. Many oil-free formulations can be absorbed by your skin faster. As a result, they allow proper skin hydration without having to clog your pores. 

Sunscreen When Outdoors 

Oil-free sunscreen is your better option if you have acne-prone skin. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, sunscreen with natural oils can provide proper hydration. When looking for an oil-free sunscreen, make sure to look for other features, such as the following: 

  • Fast-absorbing
  • Won’t leave skin feeling greasy
  • Offer a matte finish
  • No Harmful Alcohol 

Another thing about choosing an oil-free sunscreen is that it does not contain harmful alcohols that can disturb the skin’s acid balance. Alcohol is known to cause dryness and irritation. It also simulates excess oils that can clog the pores. 

Sunscreen for Sport 

It is challenging to find a sunscreen product that offers proper protection when you are playing a sport. You may choose one of the sunscreen products of Arizona Sun to protect your skin while you are out playing beach volleyball, frisbee, and others. Whatever activity you are doing, having high-quality sunscreen should be your priority. 

Shop Sunscreen with No Oils 

The last thing you want to do is to play your favorite sport without proper protection. When it is time for you to buy an oil-free sunscreen, please visit our online shop here.

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