The Winter Protection Essentials Kit is Your New Best Friend

We’re well into the cooler months here in Arizona, though our mild winters are nothing compared to many regions of the country and all over the world. However, no matter where you’re at and what the temperature is, the dry air of winter is tough on anyone’s skin. Stay hydrated and moisturized all winter long with Arizona products from Arizona Sun! Our Winter Protection Essentials Kit is the perfect gift for friends and family braving the cold or for yourself in these chilly months!

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Have Extra-Dry Skin? Use Arizona Sun Tanning Oil

Our signature tanning oil is great for more than just sun-kissed skin! The oil penetrates deep below the surface for intense moisture and recovery of dry, dehydrated skin. We recommend using this before bed on hands, feet, elbows, and anywhere where the skin is extra dry. Allowing the oil to soak in while you sleep provides long-lasting results that would be harder to achieve during the day when you’re washing your hands and living an active lifestyle.

Why Arizona Products are #1

Arizona Sun has been making signature Arizona products in the suncare and skincare department since 1982. Our founders, Robert Wallace and his late wife Ellen Wallace formulated the desert botanical scent in their living room. The scent that’s now famous and well-loved by sun enthusiasts all over the world wasn’t an easy one to create. It takes plants from all over the Sonoran Desert to create a light, refreshing, Southwestern aroma. Some of our key native plants in Arizona Sun products are aloe vera, Saguaro cactus seed extract, jojoba seed extract, and rose hips. Once you discover the Arizona Sun scent, you won’t be able to settle for any drugstore products anymore.


Winter Protection From All The Elements, No Matter Where You Are

No matter what part of the country you live in, native plants in Arizona products can be incredibly beneficial to your skin. There are always winter elements that can wreak havoc on soft and smooth skin. Here in Arizona, the desert is extra dry in the winter. It takes a consistent routine to protect skin from that itchy, flaky feeling. Using Arizona Sun Moisturizer all over your body right after showering and again in the evenings or mornings, can help you retain that soft, silky smooth feeling. Our founder, Robert Wallace is from Michigan so he knows just how harsh the cold winds can be on your face. Using Arizona Sun’s emollient-rich line of lip balms, like SPF 15 Lemon lip kits, before heading outdoors can protect lips from becoming dry and cracked. Additionally, be sure to gently pat some of our oil-free moisturizers into your cheeks and around your mouth where the skin is the most sensitive and prone to dryness.

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