Arizona Sun Helps You Plan Ahead This Spring Break

Spring break is one of those times we long for but always comes up before we can fully plan out our travels! With everything starting back up in January, it’s hard to find time to prepare for a vacation in March. Even if you’re staying close to home this year due to COVID, you can still soak in those rays with sun tan oil from Arizona Sun.


Arizona Sun Summer Essentials Travel Kit

If you’re headed for the tropics, the desert, or the coast of California, you’ll want the Summer Essentials Travel Kit. This kit is complete with everything to keep your skin sunkissed and glowing throughout your vacation and beyond. Our famous suntan oil is a part of this kit as well as bottles of our Moisturizer, Sunburn Relief, SPF 8 and 15 lotions, SPF 15 LipKist, and SPF 15 Prickly Pear lip balms.

suntan oil

We recommend Arizona Sun Tanning Oil for those with a healthy base tan. Remember, if your skin hasn’t had a lot of sun exposure this winter, you’ll be even more susceptible to sunburn. Wearing sunscreen is always more important than getting tan in the long run. Your skin will thank you for years to come when you consistently apply sunscreen every 2 hours when outdoors. Be sure to make Arizona Sun Oil-Free SPF 30 a part of your morning routine as well!

Be all set and ready to go when you order the Summer Essentials Travel Kit for your 2021 Spring break!


Post-Vacation Skin Health

After you return from your vacation, or your backyard if you’re opting to play it safe and stay home this Spring break, Arizona Sun has all the products you need to feel relief from any sunburn and keep that sunkissed glow for weeks to come. It’s not easy maintaining that base tan you acquired over vacation, but using a little Arizona suntan oil on your body after showering can help lock in moisture deep below the surface of your skin. Be sure to follow up with Arizona Sun moisturizer throughout the day as well. While it’s easy to neglect your lips when most drugstore lip balms require 12+ applications per day, Arizona Sun’s line of emollient-rich lip balm with natural moisturizers lasts for hours and hours. The delicious scents of lemon and prickly pear make your lips smooth and kissably soft. We can’t go a day without ours! Order a few so you can keep them in every backpack, purse, and on your nightstand. We also carry SportsBlok, a collection of lip balm inspired by your favorite outdoor activities. GolfBlok,  Helpful hint: The more Arizona Sun lip balm you buy directly from our website, the more you save! Pair your favorite Arizona Sun lip balm with Arizona suntan oil, or keep it simple and easy for your Spring break with the Summer Essentials Kit. Maintain that gorgeous glow after your vacation with Arizona Sun Moisturizer. Locking in moisture right after you shower is the key to maintaining hydrated skin and holding onto that tan for as long as you can!

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