Cheer Up Friends and Family This Winter with a Beauty Gift Basket

Winter is a tough time of year in many regions of the country. The lack of sunlight, warm weather, and the added stress of dealing with winter travel conditions, can take a toll on one’s mental health. While Arizona Sun sure wishes we could send you some of our sunshine, we can at least provide you with thoughtful and carefully selected beauty gift baskets to send to friends and family.

beauty gift baskets

Bath and Shower Beauty Gift Basket

This is the perfect time of year to send someone you love an Arizona Sun Bath and Shower Gift Basket. With the cold temperatures that are unavoidable in the Midwest and Northeast right now, everyone could use some Arizona Sun Bath Gelee in a warm shower or bath. It makes for the perfect spa treatment as it exfoliates skin with natural moisturizers that are native to the Arizona Desert. For such a dry climate, the Sonoran Desert sure does produce some hydrating plants. Aloe vera is, of course, one of the main ingredients in Arizona Sun Bath Gelee. It soothes while it hydrates, making it the perfect shaving gel as well.


The Bath and Shower Beauty Gift Basket also include our famous sulfate-free Shampoo. This lightweight formula leaves hair feeling fresh, squeaky clean, and with our signature desert botanical scent. Without sulfates that strip hair of its natural oils, your hair will feel revitalized and soft, rather than dry and damaged. Other products in this gift basket include our Conditioner that treats and strengthens your hair from roots to ends. Arizona Sun Moisturizer and SPF 15 Lipkist Lemon lip balm are the perfect post-bath or shower follow-up. Show your friends and family in those cold-weather states that you’re thinking of them!

Gift Baskets For All Occasions

Arizona Sun carries beauty gift baskets for all occasions from birthdays to honeymoons to Valentine’s Day and more. Our Cruise and Resort Gift Basket is great for couples heading off on their honeymoon or for families going on a cruise. Gift it to your spouse or family as a fun way to surprise them with a family vacation! This basket includes a colorful tote bag, Arizona Sun Moisturizer, SPF 15 Sunscreen, Tanning Oil, Sunburn Relief with Aloe Vera, SPF 15 Lipkist lip balm, and our vintage Arizona Sun Visor.


Check out all of our beauty gift baskets on our website on the Arizona Sun Gifts and Eats page. But don`t stop there, browse through our catalog for many more skin protection products!


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