Is Lemon Lip Balm Good for You?

lemon lip balm The lip skin is thinner. Thus, it needs utmost nourishment. Hydration is vital to prevent the lips from drying out. You may apply any lip balm. But you would want to use a high-quality product sans toxins. And this is where our lemon lip balm becomes useful. 

Intense Moisture with Lemon Lip Balm 

Arizona Sun’s lemon lip balm includes lemon extract that offers triple layered moisture. Its moisturizing ability is intense and long-lasting. As you apply it onto your lips, it forms an effective shield so it won’t leave your lips feeling flaky. 

Why Not Try Lemon Juice? 

According to Taste of Home, “The lemon juice removes dead skin cells, so you’ll wake up to noticeably smoother lips.” But lemon juice isn’t convenient. You can’t take it anywhere you go. With a lip balm containing lemon, you can conveniently put it in your purse and take it anywhere you want to go. 

What Does Lemon Lip Balm Do? 

One of the things that this product can do is heal and treat your chapped lips. Our lips develop dead skin cells constantly. Regeneration starts when the dead skin cells are eliminated. The lip balm makes the regenerative process quicker. It removes dead skin cells. 

Packed with vitamin C and E, lemon offers anti-aging properties. It keeps your lips looking youthful, healthy, and fresh. Furthermore, it adds anti-inflammatory benefits to hydrate and nourishes the lips. 

lemon lip balm

Once the dead skin cells are gone, you need to protect the new layer of skin. That’s why it’s imperative to protect it by applying lip balm. But you don’t just apply it in the morning. Rather, consider applying it before going to sleep. While you sleep, your body produces new skin cells. It’s one reason your lips feel dry in the morning. In that case, when you use lip balm at night, it retains moisture on your lips so they won’t appear flaky the following day.

No Paraben 

Many cosmetic products contain parabens. They are harmful chemicals that can disrupt hormones in the body. As a result, they can affect your fertility and reproductive system. Thus, they may affect birth outcomes. They also increase the risk of cancer. 

How to Apply It and How Often? 

Applying it is easy. It’s like applying lipstick on your lips. You can choose to wear it under or over lipstick to provide immediate lip hydration. As a result, you get instant soft, beautiful, kissable lips. Then, make sure to use it twice a day for proper hydration. Or you can use it every time your lips feel dry. 

A Natural Lip Moisturizer

Arizona lip balm is designed for daily use. It contains different nourishing ingredients that can effectively protect your lips from dryness. Because it has no harmful ingredients, you don’t need to worry about using it daily.

Protect your lips from the winter winds and summer sun. Our lip balm has a fresh lemon flavor that offers immediate lip hydration. Shop for our lemon lip balm here or call us for more information. 

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