Can you Use the Best Sun Tanning Oil After Botox?

best sun tanning oil

The best sun tanning oil can boost the tan when you lay out in the sun. It’s made with oil and it keeps your skin hydrated, moisturized, and pliable. But is it safe to use it after Botox? 

Best Sun Tanning Oil After Botox

There are various things you need to remember after your Botox treatment. You need to take care of your body and facial skin. Experts recommend limiting tanning after Botox. According to one of the answers from an expert at Real Self, “UV ray exposure could increase your risk of infection and delay your healing so I recommend allowing at least a 48h window between treatment and sunbathing. The faster you recover from the treatment, the sooner you will be looking fabulous!” Although Botox is a safe procedure, you may still experience side effects related to the injection. That is, you may experience bruising and swelling of the skin. 

Do You Need to Stay Out of the Sun? 

Even though you need to avoid sunbathing after the treatment, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay out of the sun. Instead, you should focus on skin protection. You can still go out but don’t allow your skin to be exposed to the sun without wearing sunscreen. Doctors recommend wearing at least sunscreen with SPF 30. But a product with SPF 15 is already good enough. 

Does a Sun Tanning Oil Have Sun Protection? 

The goal of sun tanning oil is to boost your tan. Arizona Sun tanning oil, for instance, requires that you have a base tan when you apply it. It means that if you don’t have a healthy base tan yet, you may need to expose yourself to the sun for a longer period just to achieve the tan that you want. Unfortunately, the oil only has SPF 3. Compared to other tanning oils, Arizona Sun tanning oil has no PABA and paraben. And you can also use it as a massage oil or add it to a relaxing hot bath. 

best sun tanning oil

Can You Apply Sunscreen Over Sun Tanning Oil? 

It’s not recommended but you are free to do so. There’s nothing wrong with it. Adding sunscreen can still give you some color on your skin. However, if you wish to achieve sun-kissed skin, you may want to skip the sunscreen and just use sun tanning oil with SPF. 

Can the Oil Cause Pimples? 

Sun tanning oil won’t cause acne. But make sure to wash it off at night. Use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer before going to bed. And avoid wearing sun tanning oil before bedtime. It may not cause acne but if you have sensitive skin, you may develop skin irritation if you don’t wash it off at night. 

Where to Buy Sun Tanning Oil? 

If you want the best sun tanning oil with natural ingredients, make sure to visit our online shop here. Arizona Sun tanning oil contains natural ingredients, like wild roses, jojoba, cacti, and many others. To order, please browse through our catalog here.

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