Is It Wrong to Use Moisturizer with the Best Sunscreen at Night?

best sunscreen

The best sunscreen protects your skin against the sun. If your moisturizer has sunscreen, you might want to use it at night. It’s not necessarily wrong. However, it’s not the best way to apply it. 

Is the Best Sunscreen Appropriate to be Applied at Night? 

It’s not designed that way. Keep in mind that your skin could benefit from a moisturizer formulated to use at night. The reason for this is that when you sleep, your skin is in repair mode. What you need is a high-quality night cream that enhances the process. Furthermore, night creams are concentrated and they contain more emollients that can moisturize the skin. 

Is It Okay to Wear Sunscreen When Indoors? 

You may be working in front of your computers all day. Now, you’re worried about the effect of blue light on your skin. So, you wear sunscreen even when you’re indoors. Is that necessary though? 

According to Cancer Council, “There is typically no need to wear sunscreen when indoors, as the risk of sun exposure is low. If you are spending a lot of time by a window with direct sunlight you might want to think about sun protection, though clothing may be sufficient and sunscreen won’t usually be necessary.”

Can Sunscreen Protect You from Blue Light? 

Is it necessary to protect our skin from blue light? If you are constantly in front of your computer screens, you might wonder too. Before, some studies showed that the light from screens could damage the skin. But information is conflicting. Reports suggest that it won’t cause DNA damage. 

Because of insufficient research, there’s no way to conclude whether it’s vital to wear sunscreen when in front of a computer. Keep in mind that not all sunscreens can protect your skin from blue light.

best sunscreen

Should You Wash Off Sunscreen Before Going to Bed? 

It’s a good idea. And it’s also highly recommended. Washing your face in the morning before applying sunscreen and at night before bedtime is a good idea. Even though sunscreen is effective at protecting your skin against the UV rays, not washing it off before you sleep may do harm to your skin. You won’t probably suffer from acne or skin irritation if you forget to wash it off at night. However, if you have extremely sensitive skin, you should start a good bedtime habit of washing off your makeup and sunscreen at night. 

What Type of Sunscreen is Best? 

The best sunscreen is the one that doesn’t contain chemical ingredients. It’s a safer option compared to chemicals and it’s also better for the environment. At Arizona Sun, you can find different sunscreen products containing only natural ingredients. You can also shop for water-resistant SPF 30 for utmost protection. 

And if you're looking for oil-free sunscreen, you’ll also find it at Arizona Sun. It’s an ideal choice if you don’t want to suffer from pimples. Start shopping for the best sunscreen here. 

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