Get Sunscreen Gift Pack and Be Obsessed with Defending Your Skin from Sun Exposure

sunscreen gift pack

A sunscreen gift pack contains products that can help in defending the skin from the effects of sun exposure. You can use the set for your own skin or give it to someone else, like your favorite niece who loves to surf. 

If you are making your own pack, here are some items to consider. 

Sunscreen Gift Pack items to Include 

Hydrating Sunscreen with SPF 50 

This will be the go-to of your recipients before going out. It protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Because of its hydrating effects, it can keep the skin soft and hydrated, regardless of the season. 

Face Sunscreen 

You may use hydrating sunscreen on your face. However, not all sun protection products are designed for facial applications. If you are looking for a facial sunscreen, look for an oil-free solution. It must include anti-inflammatory properties to calm skin sensitivities. This is great for people who are prone to acne and rosacea. Choose a product that’s both lightweight and non-greasy. 

Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin 

This product can be used as a lotion. Look for a lotion that easily dissolves into all skin tones. Go for a water-resistant product. It’s also ideal to opt for a product with aloe vera gel to soothe the skin. Most of all, it should offer broad-spectrum protection. 

sunscreen gift pack

Sunscreen for the Baby 

It’s important to note that babies must not be exposed to the harmful sun’s rays. Also there must be a consultation with medical practitioners about using sunscreen in babies under the age of six months. However, if it can’t be avoided, then a gentle sunscreen will be ideal. Choose a sunscreen made with plant-based ingredients. This guarantees the skin will be hydrated. It must soothe the skin, especially if it’s irritated from the sun. 

Sun Protection for Deep Skin Tones 

People with a darker skin tone may think that they don't need to apply sun protection to their skin. Indeed, they don’t get sunburned as quickly, but they are still susceptible to damage induced by the sun’s rays. So, better look for products with moisturizing ingredients, like aloe vera and jojoba. 

An Option for Swimmers 

If you’re gifting the pack to a swimmer, choose a sun protection designed for swimmers or a heavy sweater. It can be SPF 15 or higher. But it has to include a heat-activated essence. This will provide a barrier against the sun’s rays even when sweating or swimming. The product must be versatile enough that it can be applied under or over makeup without causing a white cast. 

Fast-Absorbing Formula 

If you or your recipient doesn't want to wait a few seconds before going out. With a fast-absorbing formula, you can apply it and go. Choose a product that comes with fragrance. Or, if you’re giving it to someone else, you may choose fragrance-free protection. Ensure that it’s water-resistant and reef-safe. 

How to Arrange a Gift Pack Quickly? 

If you want an easier way to gather products for your sunscreen gift pack, just head over to our gift pack collection. You’ll find plenty of gift sets that include your favorite sun protection products. Browse to find the gift you had been searching for, among our products.

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