Can a Suntan Help You Get a Natural Tan When in Arizona?

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We all desire to have a glowing bronze look after spending some time on the beach. However, getting a natural tan means exposing yourself to the sun. It can lead to fine lines, sunspots, and pigmentation. Thankfully, you can use suntan from Arizona Sun for natural tanning. With this product, you can get a healthy bronzy look while still protecting your skin from the sun. 

Beach-Tan Look with Suntan Arizona Sun 

Suntan oil can help you get a beach-tan look without worrying about the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. It still has a mild shield of protection while allowing you to get tan. 

What Does Suntan Oil Do? 

It accelerates the process of tanning. Thus, you don’t have to spend hours exposing your skin. All you need is minimal exposure to get the sun-kissed look. When looking for this type of oil, choose a product infused with natural ingredients. Check the label. Pick a product with aloe vera, coconut oil, or argan oil. They are known to be suitable for all skin types. These ingredients are also hypoallergenic to deeply moisturize your skin, protect your skin and give you a tan. 

Is SPF 3 Enough? 

Dermatologists recommend using at least SPF 30. However, if you choose a suntan oil with higher SPF, it’ll be difficult to get the tan that you desire. Even though SPF 3 is a minimal amount, it can still offer protection while you soak your skin in the sun in hopes of getting a healthy tan. 

suntan Arizona

Why Choose a Product with Jojoba Oil? 

This is not a requirement. However, if you want natural protection against the sun’s rays, then opt for a product with jojoba oil. This oil works like aloe vera. That is, it can calm your skin if you are already suffering from sunburn. It has vitamin E and antioxidants that can provide full protection against sun damage. It also promotes healing, making it a perfect solution to getting a tan without harming the skin. 

Jojoba oil is also useful because it has components that can treat acne. It’s difficult to apply a product to your face when you have breakouts. When you use sunscreen protection with this oil, it can help calm your acne-prone skin. 

Can You Use Suntan Oil at Any Time? 

Yes, suntan oil can be used at any time, even if you don’t want to go out in the sun and get a tan. You can use it as a massage oil. This oil contains calming properties, like aloe, wild roses, aloe, and cacti. They are perfect when you have a rough day. Just ask your spouse to rub it against your skin before a relaxing massage. You may also add it to your hot bath for a better experience. 

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