What Arizona Products to Use When You Want to Be in the Sun to Get a Tan?

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It’s a lovely feeling when you come off the beach after you spend a day basking in the sun. Your skin is sun-kissed. But when your tan turns into a sunburn, this is when you start to realize that basking in the sun without Arizona products to protect your skin wasn’t a good idea. 

Arizona Products for Sun Protection and Prevent Sunburn 

You may not want to apply sun protection when you are sunbathing because you thought that it will prevent you from getting sunkissed skin. However, it’s important to remember that sunscreen won’t fully prevent tanning. It doesn’t block 100% of the UV. Instead, it only provides a shield for your skin. And remember that a tan is an indication of sun damage. 

How to Achieve Sun-Kissed Skin Without Damaging Your Skin? 

You may apply sun tanning oil. It protects your skin from UV rays while still allowing your skin to get that golden glow. This is going to work because sunscreen absorbs the sun’s rays. It reflects them before they can get into your skin. 

Tanning is the result of UV radiation exposure from the sun. It causes genetic damage to the cells on the outer part of the skin. Because of that, your skin will produce more melanin to prevent injury. A tan is just your skin protecting itself from sun damage. But, as mentioned, getting a tan isn’t really good for your skin. In that case, a healthy tan doesn’t exist. You can get sun damage even from tanning beds. These beds can even increase your chances of suffering from melanoma, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Arizona products

Wear Sunscreen 

But don’t be afraid to expose your skin to the sun. Just don’t do it in times when the sun’s rays are the most intense. Make sure to be out in the sun early in the morning or late in the afternoon. You may not get the perfect tan that you want or as quickly as you want but you won’t have to worry about skin cancer later in your life. And no matter where you are going, make sure to wear sunscreen. It lowers your risk of developing skin cancer. It also prevents sun damage and early signs of aging. 

What SPF to Use? 

You don’t actually need the highest SPF. A minimum of 8 can already provide protection. The most important thing here is to re-apply it at least every two hours. Use safe sunscreen that contains mineral ingredients. And if you really want to get a tan, make sure to use tanning oil with SPF 3. It lets you bask in the sun and get a decent tan while still providing protection to your skin. 

Our Arizona Sun tanning oil contains aloe vera, sage, and wild roses to absorb and capture the sun’s rays while you’re getting a tan. It is PABA-free and paraben-free. You can also use it as a massage oil or add it to a hot bath. If you want to explore our Arizona products, make sure to visit our online shop here.

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