Don’t Skip the Sun Protection and Skincare During Arizona Winters

Stepping outdoors into an oven every day in the summer is a pretty good reminder that we need to put on sunscreen. When we get into our hotter temps, you can feel the burning without seconds of sun exposure here. Arizona natives and newcomers learn pretty quickly to always have sunscreen on hand and to reapply every two hours. Though in the winter, there’s no glaringly hot sun to remind you to lather up. The sun’s still out nearly every day, but it’s much milder. That’s the time of year to refocus on your sun protection.

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Avoid Winter Sunburn Entirely with Arizona Sun Protection

Recovering from a winter sunburn can be far worse and a longer process than in the summer. For one, the air is much drier, making it hard to regain your natural moisture level in sunburnt skin. Additionally, your skin type doesn’t have as much sun exposure in the winter, so when you are in the sun, it’s going to burn faster Reapplying Arizona Sun Moisturizer and Sunburn Relief Gel is your best recovery combination, but it’s far easier to get in the habit of applying sun protection each morning and while outdoors. Arizona Sun offers a wide range of SPF factors to fit your unique skin type. From SPF 8 to 45, all of our sun protection is quick-drying and moisturizing. It feels more like a high-quality lotion than sunscreen!

Dry Air Calls For Extra Arizona Sun Moisturizer

Down here in the desert, we’re constantly applying moisturizer to our hands and bodies to prevent the dry air from irritating our skin. When you keep a bottle of Arizona Sun Moisturizer by your sink, in your car, and keep a travel size in your purse or backpack, it’s easy to get in the habit of using it several times a day. With the current pandemic, we’re washing our hands more than ever before, which has lead to extra dryness. If you’re struggling to keep your hands soft and smooth as well, order a bottle of Arizona Sun Moisturizer and use it after each time you wash your hands.


If you’re an essential worker during this pandemic, we know your hands are taking a beating. Arizona Sun applauds you for your hard work and sacrifices. We recommend using a generous amount of our moisturizer and even wearing gloves to bed to give your skin the extra layer of defense it needs.

Protect Your Lips From Harsh Winds

We all know that feeling after coming inside from cold and windy activities. The windburnt skin and chapped lips are tough to avoid in cold climates, especially if you enjoy winter outdoors. Rely on Arizona Sun LipKist Lemon and Prickly Pear Lip Balms to protect the delicate skin on your lips from harsh elements. Both of these lip balms are SPF 15, a necessity for year-round sun protection! Check out Arizona Sun’s Winter Essentials Kit to maintain healthy, hydrated skin all winter long.

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