Why Endurance Athletes Need Arizona Sun Protection

If you’re an endurance athlete, you know just how important sun protection is. Before heading out for a long run or ride, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you’ll get sunburned. Endurance athletes are especially susceptible to skin cancer, premature aging, and sunspots when spending so much time in the sun. These frightening factors shouldn’t hold you back from your favorite activities, though. No matter how tough they get, rely on Arizona Sun on all your outdoor endeavors, worry-free!

Take it from the co-owner of Arizona Sun. Lindsey Wallace is an avid biker, has participated in Ironman races, and just loves being outdoors overall. She relies on Arizona Sun to get her through tough races and rides. Here are a few of her Arizona Sun staples!

Sun Protection

Arizona Sun SPF 45 Water-Resistant Spray

One of our most popular products and a favorite of Lindsey’s is our water-resistant spray. The non-greasy formula dries fast and SPF 45 provides serious sun protection.

“I wear this anytime I’m outdoors,” says Lindsey, “I love that it’s non-greasy and water-resistant and use it when I hike, play tennis, golf, paddleboard, and kayak. It goes with me everywhere and protects me from the sun, smells fantastic, and absorbs into my skin. It is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors.”

While it’s ideal for anybody who spends time outdoors, Arizona Sun designed this formula with active people in mind. We know having water-resistant sunscreen is important when you’re going to be sweating or spending time in the pool. When you’re trying to get out the door for your training session, spray on this quick-drying formula for fast and easy sun protection!

Arizona Sun Prickly Pear Lip Balm

Using a lip balm with SPF is essential when spending time outdoors. Burnt lips take a long time to heal, so it’s better to avoid them entirely with Lindsey’s favorite Arizona Sun lip balm: Prickly Pear. With SPF 15 and an emollient-rich formula made from native Arizona plants, you can’t go wrong with this deliciously unique lip balm that lasts for hours.

“I never leave home without my Prickly Pear lip balm,” says Lindsey, “The SPF 15 protects my lips from the harsh sun. It keeps my lips moisturized, non-greasy, and kissably soft!”


Arizona Sun Sunburn Relief

It’s inevitable. At some point, you’ll end up forgetting to reapply Arizona Sun SPF 45 Water-Resistant Spray or get halfway through your workout and realize you never put it on. We’ve all been there! The best course of action is to get the recovery process started right away with Arizona Sun Sunburn Relief. This blue gel is packed full of nourishing plants that replenish your skin’s moisture and eases the burning. One of the main ingredients is aloe, which Lindsey calls nature’s biggest healer. Apply this anywhere you’re burned for cooling relief that jumpstarts the healing process. Visit Arizona Sun for all the sun protection you’ll need for a long run, ride, swim, and more!

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