Tropical Winter Vacations with an Arizona Sun Sunscreen Gift Set

If you’re living in a cold and snowy climate, we sure hope you’re able to escape at some point this winter. Enjoying the warm Arizona desert this time of year is always fun, but we all need our dose of salty ocean air and sand between our toes. If you’re headed to the tropics, be sure you’re ready for the sunshine with an Arizona Sun sunscreen gift set.

We have 3 kits, all perfect for tropical vacations. Of course, the Summer Sun Essentials Kit is a great go-to, but the Winter Protection and Bath Essentials Kits are also convenient for warm-weather vacations.

sunscreen gift set

Summer Sun Essentials
If you’ve ever been too busy getting ready for a vacation that you realized you never packed sunscreen, the Summer Sun Essentials kit is perfect for you. Before jet-setting off, order our most popular kit to ensure your skin says protected and hydrated throughout your travels. This kit includes an 8 oz Moisturizer, 8 oz Sunburn Relief, 6 oz Tanning Oil, 4 oz SPF 8, 4 oz SPF 15, and our 2 signature SPF 15 lip balms: Lipkist and Prickly Pear.

Winter Protection Essentials
When you think of winter skin protection, a sunscreen gift set probably doesn’t come to mind right away. Protecting your skin in the winter months is just as important as in the summer months. Dry and cold air can damage the skin and even the winter sun can cause burning and pre-mature aging. The Winter Protection Essentials Kit is the perfect way to transition your skin from a cold climate to a tropical vacation and back again. This kit includes 8 oz Moisturizer

8 oz Sunburn Relief, 4 oz Oil-Free SPF 30, 4 oz Water Resistant SPF 30, 4 oz SPF 45 Spray Sunscreen, Lipkist Lip Balm, and Prickly Pear Lip Balm.

Bath Essentials
Whether you choose the Summer Sun or Winter Protection Kit, the Bath Essentials Kit should accompany you on your vacation as well for an all-in-one shower kit. It has everything you need for showering, bathing, and moisturizing afterward. This kit includes 8 oz Moisturizer, 8 oz Sunburn Relief, 4 oz Shampoo, 4 oz Hair Conditioner, 4 oz Bath Gelee, Lipkist Lip Balm and

Prickly Pear Lip Balm. We also recommend using the Bath Gelee as a shaving gel as it restores moisture lost from drugstore shaving creams.

Send Them Off with The Essentials
Whether your friends are heading out for their honeymoon or your kids are going on their first vacation without you, send them off with all the sun and skincare they’ll need. The Essentials Kits make the perfect sunscreen gift set for any occasion.

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