Why Skincare Must Include Sun Block Products?

We all know that wearing sun block is vital before spending time in the sun. It’s especially true if you’re living in Arizona. You may be good at applying this product if you go to the beach. But experts recommend applying it every day. It has to be the foundation of your skin care routine. 

Why Wearing Sun Block Every Day Is Vital 

Reduce Skin Cancer Risk 

You might know this already but it’s worth repeating. Sunscreen can lower your skin cancer risk. But you may not know this — daily sun block can significantly lower the risk of skin cancer. According to this study, "Melanoma may be preventable by regular sunscreen use in adults.” Thus, it’s ideal to use it every day, and not just during the day when you go to the beach or have a long walk with your dog. 

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Prevent Signs of Aging 

Fine lines, discoloration, collagen breakdown, and leathery skin are just signs of aging. But you can prevent them from happening by wearing sun protection every day. Daily sunscreen can reduce skin aging signs. If you’re already using sunscreen products to prevent signs of aging, then make sure to wear sun block to protect that investment. 

Exfoliate Skin 

Are you using skincare products containing alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs)? If you are, then your skin will be more sensitive to UV light. Thus, it makes total sense to apply sun protection. And even if you only use these products at night, your skin will become sensitive the next day. 

Why are People Not Wearing Sun Block Every Day? 

Even though experts have repeatedly recommended wearing sunscreen each day, many are still not doing it. For some, they don’t want to apply it because it’s oily and smelly. You can’t blame them because most sun block products are indeed gross. Remember that available sunscreens are not designed with comfort in mind. After all, it’s a practical product. Thankfully, you can find better products. There are plenty of sunscreen products that give you a comfortable feeling. They are also aesthetically appealing. If you don’t want to apply the greasy product on your skin, make sure to choose a sunscreen that fits your skin type. 

Another reason people don’t want to wear sun block is that it gives them a white tint. It’s a problem for most people, especially for those with darker skin tones. Sun block products create a barrier between the skin and the sun. The barrier creates that white tint on your skin. Then again, you can find products that don’t have this kind of effect. 

Where to Go from Here? 

Now that you know how important it is to apply sun block every day, it’s time for you to buy the best protection for your skin. There are many options to choose from here

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