Why Lip Balm Is Key When it Comes to Protecting Yourself From the Sun

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When it comes to keeping yourself safe from the effects of the sun, every component is important. Your face, your skin, your body, they all need protection, but so will your lips. That’s when our lip balm comes in.

Protecting Your Lips From the Sun

You should always make an effort to protect your skin from potential sun damage, and this doesn’t just mean putting on sunscreen. Your lips should also be protected from the harmful effects of the sun, but you’re not about to start putting sunscreen on them, are you?. Instead, you will want to use a good lip balm that protects your lips and keeps them healthy and moisturized. Let’s take a look at this.

Why You Should Be Using Lip Balm

The main reason behind why we use balm is to provide our lips with an occlusive, protective layer on the surface to seal their natural moisture and protect them from external exposure. Why is this necessary? Well, external elements such as dry air, wind, and cold temperatures all impact the skin by way of taking moisture away from it. Lips, in particular, tend to be a lot more vulnerable since the skin on them is so thin. This is why you tend to feel dryness on your lips much more than you feel it on your face or body. This leads to them being the first to show the signs of dryness and hence make you uncomfortable in some way.

Arizona Sun’s Special Balm

Lip balm, in general, provides a sort of sealing protective layer to the lips in order to trap the moisture in and keep them from drying at the mercy of the outside elements. Certain occlusive materials such as petroleum jelly and waxes fulfill this purpose, which is why your lips have that waxy sort of feeling after you apply any sort of balm to them. These keep the moisture in while also maintaining a sense of comfort in regards to the dryness. Certain balms are equipped with specific components that help moisturize, medicate, or protect from the sun as well. There are many different ways in which you can make sure to protect your lips while also easing the pain of potential dryness.

lip balm

Arizona Sun Lip Protection

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to enjoying the sun, regardless of your location or the time of year, is that lack of protection will always be an issue. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s cloudy enough or if you think you won’t be out in the sun that long; it’s always important to protect yourself from sun damage to prevent its long term effects, be them premature aging, skin cancer, burns, or any other. Here at Arizona Sun, you will find everything you need in order to confidently venture out into the sun, whether it is to enjoy the summer activities or for your daily activities. Check out our line of products and get started!

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