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oil free sunscreen

Have you had breakouts because of your sunscreen? Are you tired of having your sunscreen ruin your makeup? Then maybe you should try looking into oil free sunscreen alternatives.

The Advantages of Using Oil Free Sunscreen

When it comes to sunscreen there are as many different varieties as there are skin types, so you are bound to find one for you regardless of your own needs. Here at Arizona Sun, for example, we have the best oil free sunscreen for those with sensitive skin.

Prevent Acne Breakouts

If you have noticed the shine that sunscreen often leaves behind on your skin, then you’ve seen the oil in it. If you struggle with oily skin, then the mere idea of having oil on your face will immediately raise an alarm. After all, any sort of oily substance on the skin means acne breakouts, blackheads, and pimples. In order to avoid having to deal with these issues, all the while still being able to enjoy the sun and outdoor summer activities, it will be important to find good oil free sunscreen. After all, it will be kinder to your skin by not clogging up your pores with oils that will eventually lead to breakouts. Not everyone has this problem, but a lot of people have noticed that traditional sunscreen makes them break out with acne when applied directly to their face. Because of this, many have started oil free kinds of sunscreen.

Protect Your Makeup

Another reason why many people would rather not have oil in their sunscreen, especially when using it in their daily life, is not to mess up their makeup. You might not wear makeup to the pool, but you might do so for a day at the park. There, you will want to look good, in person and in pictures, but you will also want to protect yourself from the effects of the sun. Now, if you’ve used sunscreen and makeup, you might have noticed that the makeup often starts melting off after a few hours. This happens because of the oil in sunscreen, so oil free alternatives can provide a better way to enjoy both your look and protection from the sun. Not only will it help you look good in the long run by avoiding breakouts, but it will also maintain your look the day of.

oil free sunscreen

Oil Free Arizona Sun Sunscreen

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to enjoying the sun, regardless of your location or the time of year, is that lack of protection will always be an issue. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s cloudy enough or if you think you won’t be out in the sun that long; it’s always important to protect yourself from sun damage to prevent its long term effects, be them premature aging, skin cancer, burns, or any other. Here at Arizona Sun, you will find everything you need in order to confidently venture out into the sun, whether it is to enjoy the summer activities or for your daily activities. Check out our line of products and get started!

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