What Ingredients are in the Sun Tan Oil?

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If you want to boost your tan while you’re sunbathing, then you need sun oil. It is a tanning oil that moisturizes your skin, boosting your tan while you’re lying down in the sun. It is made with oils. Are they made of natural ingredients? 

What is in the Sun Oil

It depends on what brand of sun oil you are using. Typically, it is made with coconut oil or almond oil. You can also find ingredients that are good for your skin, such as vitamin E and aloe. It may contain sun protection. However, the protection it offers is only minimal. It is generally SPF 8 or lower. The reason for its low sun protection factor is that its purpose is to accelerate your body’s ability to achieve tan skin

Can You Apply It to Your Face?

Yes, you can. Sun oil is typically sold next to sunscreen products. Although it offers minimal sun protection, you should not depend on it to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. Instead, use it only when you have a base tan. In that way, if you want to have darker skin, you don’t need to expose your skin to too much sunlight. 

Does It Moisturize the Skin? 

This skin product is made of a mixture of various oils, vitamins, and ingredients that moisturize the skin. So, yes, it does moisturize your skin. It may have a strong smell if you use a product with coconut oil. If you don’t want that, you may consider buying a tanning oil with aloe, sage, wild roses, jojoba, and cacti. 

sun oil

How this Oil Can Increase Melanin Production? 

When you are exposed to the sun, your body will produce more melanin. That’s why it is possible to tan faster when you’re out sunbathing. However, because of its purpose, tanning oil does not offer enough sun protection, as mentioned earlier. You can get a better tan while still offering minimal protection. 

What Sun Tanning Oil Gets You Darker Skin Faster? 

If you seek a darker tan, then opt for a tanning oil with the lowest SPF. Arizona Sun offers sun tan oil with SPF 4. It is the lowest you can get so you can achieve darker skin quickly. It doesn’t only help you get darker skin faster but it also hydrates and nourishes your skin. Thanks to its natural ingredients. 

ArizonaSun tanning oil is enriched with natural jojoba oil that stimulates melanin production to provide a deep tan. However, it still requires that you have a healthy base tan. In that way, after sunbathing for less than 30 minutes, you get the tan skin that you desire while leaving you with silky smooth skin. 

Use as a Massage Oil 

One thing that you will like about our sun tanning oil is that it is not only designed for tanning. Rather, you can also use it as a massage oil. You can add it to a hot bath for a more invigorating experience. Shop for our sun oil with SPF 3 here. 

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