How Do You Grow Saguaro Cactus from Seed?

saguaro cactus seeds

Buying saguaro cactus seeds will help you grow and care for this type of cactus in your home. The seeds are simple to care for. You can choose to grow them indoors or outdoors. Why do you want to grow saguaro cactus? 

Saguaro Cactus Seeds — How to Grow It?

As mentioned, this type of cactus can be grown inside or outside your house. If you are not familiar with this plant, you must know that it only reaches 3.3 feet in height after 20 or 50 years. Since it is a type of cactus, it has no complex caring instructions. It is not like taking care of roses in your garden. Saguaro does not require too much of your time. 

Where is the Best Place to Place Saguaro? 

Saguaro cactus thrives in full sunlight. However, too much bright and hot sun will only burn the plant. Thus, if you choose to grow this cactus outdoors, make sure to plant it in an area where it is exposed to bright and partial light in the summer. But you can also choose to have it in a heated greenhouse. On the other hand, if you want to grow this cactus in your house, make sure that it is a spot where it can catch natural light. 

Can It Tolerate Frost Conditions? 

This is a type of cactus. Naturally, it loves warm temperatures. But it can’t tolerate frost conditions. Thus, during autumn, you should bring it indoors when the temperatures drop below 15 degrees Celsius. And during winter, this cactus will do fine in average room temperatures. 

saguaro cactus seeds

Does It Require a Special Soil? 

It is a desert cactus. Thus, it needs loamy and well-draining soil. Use a potting mix made for cacti and succulents. You may inquire about it at Arizona Sun. You may also choose to add a layer of gravel to ensure its optimal growth. The top layer reduces the moisture levels of the soil. It also helps in stabilizing the cactus as it grows taller. 

Do You Need to Add Fertilizers? 

Saguaro does not necessarily need fertilizers. However, you can feed your plant with natural fertilizers once a year, preferably in spring. Fertilizing it will help the plant complete its growth cycle. To encourage further growth, you may use a light fertilizer once every two weeks during its growing season. 

Can You Use Pesticides? 

This plant is not resistant to pests. Mealybugs and scale insects are common pests that attack Saguaro. If there are signs of infestations, quarantine your plant. Then, make sure to eliminate the signs. Dip a cotton cloth in rubbing alcohol and use the cloth to wipe the infestation. To prevent future infestations, you may use organic pesticides regularly. 

Start Growing Saguaro in Your House Now 

Now that you know how to grow this cactus in your house, make sure to shop for Saguaro cactus seeds here.

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