Warm Up This Winter with an Arizona Sun Spa Day

Down here in the Valley of the Sun, our winters are very mild. The brisk, 40 degree mornings are about as cold as it gets, which probably sounds wonderful compared to other regions of the country right now. Our founder, Robert Wallace, is originally from Michigan and remembers just how harsh the climate can be on one’s skin. When you come in from the cold with a chill, treat your body and mind to a relaxing spa day at home with Arizona Sun’s soothing bath products that include natural moisturizers.

natural moisturizers

2-in-1 Arizona Sun Bath Gelee

If you’re chilled to the bone and can’t seem to warm up, a warm bath with Arizona Sun Bath Gelee will do the trick. Pour a generous amount of this bubbly soap into your bath and let yourself soak in the desert botanical aroma. The combination of Arizona native plants, including aloe vera, jojoba extract, cactus seed extract, and more provide a calming effect. Your muscles become tense when they’re cold so allow them to recover properly with soothing scents in a warm bath. Once you’re feeling relaxed and the goosebumps are gone, you can use the Bath Gelee as a shaving gel. Most shaving gels and creams don’t include natural moisturizers like jojoba extract, leaving your skin feeling dry and irritated after shaving. Treat your skin to a revitalizing and moisturizing shave with Arizona Sun Bath Gelee.

Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

It probably comes as no surprise that Arizona Sun only makes sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. After all, we do take pride in our ingredients that are natural moisturizers and skin soothers. Sulfates are a foaming agent in drugstore shampoos and conditioners, though they are not necessary to get your hair sudsy and clean. For silky strands that feel healthy after washing, make Arizona Sun Shampoo and Conditioner part of your hair care routine. We suggest that after you wash with our shampoo, let the conditioner soak in for 10 minutes as a hair mask. This will help rejuvenate dry, damaged hair for softer, stronger locks.

Spa Day Must-Haves!

Arizona Sun has a collection of spa day accessories that will make your exfoliating and grooming far more relaxing. Before shaving, try our Exfoliating Gloves to prime your hair and remove any dead skin cells that prevent a close shave. Or, try one of our Bath Puffs for a more gentle scrub. After your bath is the perfect time to use our Arizona Sun Logo Crystal Glass Nail File as your nails will be soft and easy to shape.  


Stock Up with the Arizona Sun Bath Essentials Kit

What better way to find everything you need for a spa day than with an Arizona Sun Bath Essentials Kit. If you’re new to Arizona Sun, this is a great way to find your favorite products. The Bath Essentials Kit includes Arizona Sun Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath Gelee, Moisturizer, Sunburn Relief, SPF 15 LipKist Lemon Lip Balm, and SPF 15 Prickly Pear Lip Balm. Full of natural moisturizers and revitalizing ingredients, you’ll feel warm and refreshed all winter long.

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