New Year, New Skin Care

Healthy Skin Habits in the New Year

New year’s resolutions tend to fall to the wayside by now. Even ones you swore you’d keep up with can get lost in the chaos of returning to work, school, and everyday obligations. Though, there are some resolutions that can easily become part of your routine, like better skincare and sun care routine. If sun protection wasn’t a priority in 2020, it may be due to the products you were using. Nobody likes to use sunscreen when it doesn’t feel right on their skin. Arizona Sun makes better, high-quality sunscreen that you’re actually excited to use. When you know a product is effective and feels right on your skin is when it can easily become part of your routine. Skip the sunburn and premature aging year-round with Arizona Sun.

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Sun Protection for Anyone

Arizona Sun’s range of SPF bottles is part of what makes us unique from your common drugstore brands. We know that finding the right SPF isn’t easy and there are many factors that contribute to this from skin type to the weather to the seasons. In the summer, we always recommend using our Arizona Sun SPF 45 Water-Resistant Spray. This fast-absorbing formula has that barely-there feeling that isn’t common in a high-SPF sunscreen. Another way to make sunscreen is more enjoyable and part of your daily routine in 2021 is the lovely, unique scent of Arizona Sun. The spray has a light, desert botanical scent that our founder, Robert Wallace developed in 1982.


The summertime, especially in Arizona, is no time to hold back on sun protection. The sun is very intense here and can easily damage your skin, no matter your skin type. However, during these winter months, it’s also important to keep up with your suncare routine. Using our SPF 15 and 30 Oil-Free Sunscreen should be part of your morning routine for everyday protection. Even during the winter months, the sun’s glare can still adversely affect your skin, leading to premature aging.


Healthy Skin Year-Round  

If you’re living here in the desert or in the cold, windy states, it’s obvious that your skin doesn’t retain moisture the way it does in the warmer, humid times of the year. Incorporating Arizona Sun Moisturizer into your new skincare routine in 2021 can significantly reduce that dry, flaky feeling that shows up each winter. Remember to apply it a few times a day, especially to hands after washing them, to soften and smooth skin.


Don’t let those skincare and sun protection resolutions fall to the wayside this year when you use Arizona Sun. No greasy formula or harsh scents, just fast and effective protection for even the most active lifestyles!

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