Tricks You Must Know to Treat a Painful Sunburn

sunburn relief gel

Arizona is very sunny most of the year. Thus, protection against the sun is vital. Protection against UV rays is important even in colder months. You also need to apply sunscreen when you’re at a higher elevation in the state. Unfortunately, many Arizonians do forget to apply sunscreen when they go out. As a result, they get a nasty sunburn. And if you’re suffering from it right now, you can turn to sunburn relief gel from Arizona Sun. 

What is Sunburn Relief Gel

This is one of the tricks that can help you treat a painful sunburn. It’s made of aloe vera, which is known to relieve pain from sunburns, minor burns, insect bites, and scrapes. Virtually any skin ailment can be healed by simply applying aloe vera. That’s why Southwest considers it the best tool for any skin damage. 

Other Ways to Treat Your Sunburn

While waiting for the gel to arrive at your doorstep, you can follow these tips that are also proven to relieve the discomfort: 

  • Cool baths. You should take cool baths or showers. The cold temperature can be useful in relieving pain. As soon as you get out of the shower, leave a little water on your skin and immediately apply a moisturizer to trap the water in the skin. It eases the dryness. 
  • Use a moisturizer. If you have a moisturizer with aloe vera, apply it to the affected area. However, if it’s too uncomfortable, buy a hydrocortisone cream and use it as directed. 

sunburn relief gel

  • Take pain-reliever. It’s only ideal if there’s swelling and redness. However, in most cases, the sunburn relief gel can do the trick. That’s why we recommend having at least one bottle in your medicine cabinet. You’ll never know when you get your skin burned. 
  • Drink water. It doesn’t directly treat your sunburn but it does prevent you from getting dehydrated. Keep in mind that sunburn draws fluid away from your body. By drinking a lot of water, dehydration can be prevented. 
  • Soak in Soothing oatmeal. It’s another effective sunburn cause. To use it, simply add oatmeal to your bath. Colloidal oatmeal can reduce inflammation and alleviates itching. Soak your body in an oatmeal bath for 20 minutes to get better results. 
  • Use ice. When you want something cold, wrap an ice pack in a cloth and hold it over the affected area. The damp cloth absorbs some of the heat from your skin. It also helps in constricting blood vessels while reducing swelling.
  • Use ice-cold water. This is an alternative to an ice pack. Just add cold water or ice cubes to a bowl Soak a cloth in it, and place it over the burned skin. Repeat it every few minutes or as the cloth warms up. Do it several times a day for quick relief. 

Avoid Burning Your Skin 

If you can’t avoid exposing your skin to the sun, make sure to apply sunscreen protection. And don’t go out when the sun is at its strongest. But if you already have sunburn, shop our sunburn relief gel here.

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