Skin Care Gift Baskets: What Products to Choose in Your Basket?

The Arizona Sun skin care gift baskets let you choose the products you want to include in the basket. It means that you can add any items that you wish. 

What Product to Add to Skin Care Gift Baskets

You need to be creative. Whether or not the gift basket is for yourself or a friend, this gift basket is an ideal way to add a personal touch to your present. 

One of the top products to include is moisturizer. 

Moisturizer is Unisex 

It’s one product that both men and women can appreciate. 

More and more skin experts are recommending the use of a moisturizing lotion after every shower. Moisturizing will make your skin clear and smooth. 

If your recipient is a man, he will acknowledge the fact that you include a moisturizing lotion. Of course, because you buy it from Arizona Sun, you are getting a lotion with SPF. 

Furthermore, Arizona Sun moisturizer lotion includes natural ingredients that can heal, soothe dry skin. It has an extra moisturizing component that penetrates the skin deeply to vitalize and protect it. 

The important ingredients of this lotion include sage, wild roses, cacti, aloe vera, and jojoba. 

Relieve Your Sunburn 

The pandemic is nearly over. Many people now are going out again, exposing their skin to the sun’s damaging effects.

Hence, sunburn relief is one product you should not ignore when shopping for a skincare gift basket. 

At Arizona Sun, you can find the Sunburn Relief that contains aloe vera gel. It relieves the pain from sunburns. 

But that’s not all. It can also soothe scrapes, minor burns, and insect bites. Truly, aloe vera is the southwest’s best plant for skin ailments. 

Put this Sunburn Relief in your gift basket so anytime you get a minor burn from cooking, you can go to your medicine cabinet and apply this product to the affected skin. 

Get the Oil-Free Sunscreen 

Your gift basket won’t be complete without the SPF 30 oil-free sunscreen. It is greaseless and creamy sunscreen. 

Because it’s a suntan lotion as well, you don’t have to be afraid of spending more time in the sun to get a gentle tan. 

Or you may get water-resistant sunscreen protection. This sunscreen product is perfect when you go out and spend your time on the beach. 

The Wetsports SPF 30 2 ounce, for instance, is a perfect bottle that lets you use it when you’re on a business trip or outing with your friends. 

It provides all-day sunning protection. It’s non-greasy. 

With its water-resistant formula, the protection won’t wear off immediately when you’re in the water. But you still need to re-apply though. 

This an excellent addition to your skincare gift basket and for your travel bag. 

How to Build Your Gift Baskets? 

When you pick the gift baskets, you can create your own basket that’s filled with the items you want from the online category. But you need to purchase a gift card first. 

Find out more about the skin care gift baskets in our catalog and all about the rest of the skin protection products available.

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