Should You Have Moisturizing Lip Balm in Your Purse at All Times?

Yes. We think that there should be a law that requires every person to have a moisturizing lip balm in his/her bag or purse. And yes, even if you’re a guy. Okay, you’re probably bewildered now. After all, lip balm is for ladies. Well, you’re wrong in that part, unless your lips are resistant to cracking, dryness, and deep lines. Before you go berserk, hear us out first. Or better yet, read these benefits of lip balm before you censure us.


Every Person Needs a Moisturizing Lip Balm

The benefits of lip balm can’t be exaggerated. Dry climates like Arizona can quickly sap the moisture out of your lips. As a result, you’ll get those unpleasant, painful chapped lips. Why does it happen? Your lips don’t have a tough dead skin cell layer. They also don’t have oil glands in there that will keep them hydrated, unlike the other parts of your skin. Chapped lips are painful and they can also lead to bleeding. Yes, they hurt. Thus, whether you’re a guy or a gal, you need to moisturize your lips to ensure that they won’t go dry. By regularly applying lip balm, you can prevent lip dryness and protect it from the dreaded pain because of chapped, flaking lips.


Look Younger

If your lips are dry and chapped, you’ll look older than your real age. When you apply lip balm every day, your lips will appear soft and supple. It’ll also help you look a few years younger than your actual age. Who doesn’t want that? Yes, even men want to look younger too even if they’re already in their 40s or 50s. Unfortunately, though, moisturizing lip balms aren’t created equal. You can only reap their benefits if you choose to use a product with SPF protection. Moisturizing your lips isn’t sufficient to prevent dryness. You still need to protect your lips from the harmful effects of too much sunlight exposure. That’s why you must only use a lip balm that comes with moisturizer and sun protection. This will give you maximum protection against the sun’s damage and prevent it from drying.


Protect New Skin Cells

To further protect your lips, you should consider applying lip balm before you going to bed. Why? When you sleep, your body is busy flushing out toxins. And your lips, too, are doing that while they produce new skin close. That’s why when you look at your face in the mirror the following day, your lips lack moisture. But if you apply lip balm before going to bed, you’re keeping your lips moisturized.


Start Using Lip Balm Now

Now that you know the benefits of applying lip balm, pretty sure you won’t go out again without having lip balm in your bag. And yes, it’s not just for women but lip balm is for men too. Protect your lips now from chapping and drying. Get our moisturizing lip balm here at Arizona Sun.

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