How Does the Best Sun Tanning Oil Work?

Sun tanning oils sell like hotcakes. They are a popular product that aims to enhance your existing tan. But you must only use the best sun tanning oil to strengthen your base tan. If you’re not familiar with sun tanning oil, you may think of it as a lotion or sunscreen. But this oil is a combination of both.

Getting the Results Accurately with the Best Sun Tanning Oil

Here at Arizona Sun, we only offer the best tanning oil that provides a solution to your everyday need for a tanner. However, you must realize that tan oil will only work best if you have a base tan. This oil makes changes to your epidermis. It enhances tanning by encouraging the production of more melanin in your skin. Our Arizona sun tanning oil doesn’t contain any PABA. It’s also Paraben-free. It has SPF 3 that can protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.


Does It Boost the Tanning Process?

Because it’s a tanning oil, it doesn’t artificially increase the tanning process. It only works best if you already have a base tan. Whether or not you need the tan, you must use this oil evenly all over your body. It’s especially useful if you expect to be exposed to the sun for long hours. Keep in mind that long sun exposure can lead to chronic dryness. It also drains nutrients from your body. Allow your skin to absorb the oil properly to get the best results. Remember that tanning oil won’t work if it stays on top of the skin. You need to allow your skin to absorb it to make it work. Then, don’t wash it off. The best sun tanning oil is water-resistant. It also stays on your skin for a lot longer. But you may need to re-apply it after an hour or so. And remember to apply it generously and evenly on your skin.


Is Tanning Oil Bad for Your Skin?

Tanning oil is generally safe. However, if you use it in excess, it can be deleterious to your skin. Even if it’s generally safe, you need to be fastidious when it comes to choosing a tanning oil. Make sure that you only shop for a gluten-free oil. Keep in mind that gluten can cause serious skin conditions if your skin absorbed it. It can lead to dermatitis herpetiformis. Its manifestation is similar to herpes but it’s not connected. You must also avoid sun tanning oil that includes mineral oil. This type of oil can clog the pores causing your body to overheat because the pores can’t sweat. It can lead to digestion problems and headaches. And because it can clog pores, it can also promote acne.


What’s Your Best Option?

Choose a sun tanning oil that doesn’t contain gluten. Or opt for oil with natural ingredients, just like our SPF Sun Tanning Oil. It contains only natural ingredients. That’s why it’s perfectly safe for your skin. To get the best sun tanning oil, please visit our Arizona Sun Shop.

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