How Often to Apply Waterproof Sunscreen When in Arizona?

Arizona is a sun-drenched state. Thus, if you can avoid too much sun exposure, do so. However, we all know that it’s not always possible. Thankfully, there are ways to protect yourself against the harmful UV rays by applying waterproof sunscreen. This product is simple to use. You just need to squeeze and apply to your sin to get proper protection. Although it may protect you from the dangerous effects of the UV rays, sunscreen isn’t an armor that you can put on and forget about it. If you want to get the most of it, you need to re-apply it. Now, the question is how often?


Applying Waterproof Sunscreen

When we talk of waterproof, we mean water-resistant. In that case, it won’t last forever. Thus, when you go swimming, the protection will wear off eventually. Thus, you must re-apply it every hour. And when you apply it to your skin, make sure that it’s dry. For the best mileage, your skin must be clean and dry. Apply it 20 minutes before you go outside. If you’re heading out to the beach, make sure to apply sunscreen while you’re still at home. Don’t wait for you to arrive before you apply it. Applying it beforehand will allow the content to soak in. This is why waiting for 20 minutes before getting in the water is essential. It allows your skin the time to absorb the sunscreen. If you don’t wait 20 minutes before you hit the water, some of the protection will be washed away before your skin properly absorbs them. What it means is that you’ll get less protection.


Is Sunscreen Enough?

Although sunscreen can protect your skin, you must still try to avoid too much sunlight exposure. Avoid spending your time outdoors between 10 am and 4 pm. You should also use a sunscreen with higher SPF. Opt for a product that has at least 15 SPF. If you can get hold of SPF 30, then that would be great. When you apply it to your skin, you must be generous. Apply it liberally. Make sure to cover every area that will be exposed to the sun. In addition to sunscreen, make sure to use hats, shade, umbrellas, and other ways that can give you extra coverage.


Do You Need it During the Winter?

Applying sunscreen must be part of your daily routine. And yes, even during the winter. Even if there’s cloud cover, sunlight can still damage your skin. When you wear makeup, apply it under it. Even if your moisturizer has a sun protection feature, you must still apply it to your skin for sunscreen protection.


Paraben-Free Sunscreen Products

Our sunscreen products at Arizona Sun are free from paragon. In addition to these, we have a collection of chemical-free skincare products that you can apply to your face and body. Check out our waterproof sunscreen and other skincare products that you can use and be part of your daily routine. You may also check out our gift sets if you wish to send something for your skincare junkie friends. Feel free to contact us here if you have any questions about our products.

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