Does the Waterproof Sunscreen at Arizona Sun Expire?

Waterproof sunscreen, no matter what the brand is, has an expiration date. The expiration date is found on the label. 


Is It Safe to Use Expired Waterproof Sunscreen? 

We get it. You may think that throwing away an expired sunscreen product will be a waste of money. But if you continue to apply expired sunscreen, then you’re not getting the protection that you need. The product may still offer protection but it’s less effective. It means that you get more sunburns. You’re also putting yourself at risk of developing skin cancer. Plus, it increases the effects of sun damage.

Furthermore, the opened bottle may already harbor bacteria. These harmful organisms can cause skin breakouts. And if the product’s color and consistency have changed, then it’s another indication that it’s time for you to let it go. However, since you’re required to use it every day, even if you don’t expose your skin to the sun, you’ll likely consume it all before its expiration date. 

Remember that for it to be effective, you need to apply it to your skin every day. This product absorbs and dissipates UV rays. During that process, the product can change chemically. When the product is already past its expiration date, its formula might have been altered on a molecular level. 


How Much Sunscreen to Apply? 

Most of the time, though, the real problem is not about the expiration date of the product but. rather, whether or not they are using sufficient sunscreen. If the product lasts longer than its effective life, then it’s a sign that you’re not applying enough of it. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using an ounce of water-resistant sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher every two hours when you go out in the sun. 

Waterproof Sunscreen

If you follow that recommendation, a 4-ounce of Arizona waterproof sunscreen could be gone after a day of sun exposure. However, in addition to wearing sunscreen, you should seek shade and wear protective clothing when you are out in the sun. Proper Storage 

Although this product protects you against the sun’s harmful rays, you must store your sunscreen inside your house away from the sun. Store it in your medicine cabinet or a temperate location. Excessive heat will cause the product’s ingredients to break down faster. Make sure that it’s in a cool place if you don’t use it. And it must not be stored under direct sunlight. 

Many dermatologists recommend looking at sunscreens as annual products. That means that after one season, you need to buy a new set for the next year. And most of all, apply your Arizona Sun on any exposed skin each and every time you go outside. If you’ve run out of waterproof sunscreen with natural ingredients, please visit our Arizona Sun online shop. For this and many other great skin protection products available for you!

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