Bringing the Spirit of the Southwest Home: The Best Arizona Souvenirs to Remind You of Your Visit

Arizona souvenirs

Arizona is one of the most beautiful states in the US. After all, it is a land of natural wonders, vibrant culture, and rich history. You can explore the Grand Canyon, hike through stunning desert landscapes, and learn about the traditions of Native American tribes. If you are planning to visit the state, make sure to buy Arizona souvenirs. They are a great way to bring a piece of this unique state home with you. 

What Arizona Souvenirs to Bring? 

If you wish to be reminded of how AZ is, then make sure to consider a gift sun filled with sunscreen products. Arizona Sun offers a gift set that you can place in your carry-on as it only weighs an ounce. This is fine to bring on a plane. 

Native American Jewelry

This is another item you may consider buying. Many tribes in AZ are known for their intricate silver and turquoise jewelry. They are pieces of jewelry that often feature traditional designs, like geometric shapes or thunderbirds. What is most amazing is that they are made by skilled artisans using techniques passed down through generations. 

Cowboy Hat

This is an iconic souvenir that will surely delight your loved ones back home. Western wear is a part of the state’s history and culture. You can find cowboy hats in a range of styles, from traditional felt hats to trendy straw hats. A cowboy hat can be a stylish and practical way to keep the sun out of the eyes while exploring the desert, and can also serve as a conversation starter when you return home. 

While in Arizona 

Now, while you are visiting Arizona, you must use products that can help you stay comfortable and protected in the hot and dry climate of the state. 

Sunscreen: It is a must-have when spending time outdoors in AZ. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Apply it liberally to all exposed skin. Reapply every two hours or immediately after swimming or sweating. 

  • Hat: Wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face, neck, and ears from the sun. A hat can also keep you cool by providing shade to your head and face. 
  • Sunglasses: Your eyes, too, must be protected from the sun’s harmful rays with a pair of sunglasses that block at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays. 
  • Lightweight, breathable clothing. You should opt for lightweight clothing made of natural fibers, like cotton or linen to stay cool and comfortable in the hot and dry climate. 
  • Water bottle. Stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle with you while exploring the beauty of the state. 
  • Lip balm. The dry climate in Arizona can cause chapped lips, so it is vital to use a lip balm with SPF to protect lips from the sun. 

Where to Buy a Set of Sunscreen Products? 

Make sure to head over to our products page to find sunscreen products and Arizona souvenirs that can bring back memories of your visit to this state.    

Arizona souvenirs

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