Arizona Lip Balm: Preventing and Treating Sunburned Lips


Arizona lip balm

Your lips can get sunburned too. Unfortunately, when they are burned, it is difficult to hide them. Plus, sunburned lips can be painful. They feel tender and hot to the touch. It can be difficult to eat, drink or talk. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent sunburned lips from happening. One of them is the use of Arizona lip balm

Preventing Sunburned Lips by Arizona Lip Balm 

If you are one of those people who slather sunscreen products all over their bodies and forget about their face and lips, then you need to heed these tips. 

The Use of a Lip Balm

Just like your skin needs SPF, your lips need it too. However, not all lip balms offer this kind of protection. Thus, it is pertinent to apply it liberally to your lips before you step out in the sun. Lips balms with higher protection can also increase the protection that your lips need from UV radiation. However, you must keep applying it every two hours. This is especially true if you are sweating or swimming. 

Wear a Hat

Apart from applying lip balm, it is also vital that you wear a hat to shade your face and lips from the sun. Make sure that the hat has a brim of at least 3 inches. In this way, it can reduce the amount of UV radiation that reflects on your face and lips. 

Always Seek Shade

You should stay in the shade between 10 am and 4 pm. Many dermatologists agree that this is an excellent way to prevent sunburned lips and any kind of sun damage. 

Treating Sunburned Lips

On the other hand, if you wind up having sunburned lips, you can still treat the condition by applying a cool compress. It can reduce inflammation, pain, and redness. Cold compress application can relieve pain and inflammation related to various types of oral lesions and sunburned lips. 

You should also drink plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated is vital especially if you have sunburned lips. Fluids can help in reducing dryness and inflammation, as well as promote healing. Most of all, you must avoid picking at your lips. Do not pick and bite them as they can lead to cheilitis.

Is It Safe to Use Aloe Vera? 

If there is one natural remedy that you can use to treat sunburned lips, it will be aloe vera gel. It is known to soothe inflamed skin and promote healing. The gel is effective in treating skin conditions, such as burns, wounds, and inflammation. While your lips are still healing, you should avoid lipstick or lip gloss. They are known to dry out or irritate your lips. Avoid them until your lips are properly healed.

Arizona lip balm

Maintain Healthy Skin and Lips 

You can avoid sunburned lips if you follow the tips mentioned above. By following those steps, you can maintain healthy, radiant skin. You can also reuse your risk of sunburn and other skin damage related to sunburn. 

If you experience sunburn, make sure to apply Arizona lip balm. Head over to our product page to get to know its benefits and place your order.

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