Beauty Gift Basket Ideas for a Cosmetic Enthusiast

beauty gift basket


We always have a friend who loves cosmetic products. To take the stress out of shopping for a present for such a friend, you may consider a beauty gift basket. The good thing is that no matter what kind of enthusiast that friend of yours is, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Beauty Gift Basket with Skincare Products 

Putting together the best gift basket will be a lot easier if you know a bit about the skincare of your recipient. In that case, you may have to start asking that person some questions. But here are some ideas: 

Glowing Gift Basket 

It’s a wonderful basket that can provide multiple purposes. The basket focuses on face care. What products to include? There are tons of them. For example, you may include face cleansers, serums, moisturizers, eye creams, and sun protection. But when you add sun protection product, make sure that it only contains natural ingredients. Don’t forget Arizona Sun’s SPF45 oil-free water-resistant spray. It contains jojoba seed extract, aloe vera, sage, rose hips, and other natural ingredients that can effectively protect the skin. 

Bath Basket 

If the recipient is more focused on the body skincare routine, then getting that person a bubble bath basket is a good option. You can add suntan lotion or sunscreen lotion. Just make sure that you know the person’s skin sensitivity and allergies. You don’t want to give a present that can damage their skin. Besides lotion, you may also add some bath salts, scrubs, loofah, and some shower steamers. 

Now, if you don’t have time to collect products for your gift basket, consider the Arizona Sun Bath/Shower basket. The basket includes skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, shampoo, gelee skin cleanser, and lip balm. This gift basket is perfect if you’re planning to have corporate parties. 

beauty gift basket


When finding products for your bath gift basket, make sure to avoid body mists and perfumes. The reason for this is that some people don’t like using them. But most people appreciate lotions, scrubs, moisturizers, lip balm, as well as shampoo. 

Make-Up Basket 

Another gift basket idea you might want to consider is for makeup lovers. If your recipient loves to apply makeup, then you can add a travel makeup bag to the basket. This will help the person organize her makeup products. Then, don’t forget to add the essentials, like lip glosses, mascara, makeup remover, and eyeshadow pallets. 

Beach Lover 

This is a basket ideal if your recipient always goes to the beach. Arizona Sun offers a gift basket filled with various sun protection products, like lip balm, sunscreen lotion, sun tanning oil, sun moisturizers, and some bath products. You can find those gift baskets when you visit our online shop. If you are not sure what basket to pick, you may talk to our experts. Or you can just buy our sun protection products individually and set up your own beauty gift basket. To help you get started, please visit our online shop here.

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