If it’s your first time visiting Arizona, then you’ll be overwhelmed by its beauty. It’s understandable if you wish to buy some souvenirs with you when you get home to remind you of your adventure in the Copper State. But can you pack Arizona souvenirs in your carry-on bag? The answer is quite complicated. But it depends on the items you’re carrying.

Arizona Souvenirs

What Arizona Souvenirs to Buy and Pack on Your Carry On Bag? 

There are plenty of items you can buy and put in your carry-on bag when you travel back by air. Here are some items from Arizona that you can safely pack. 

Golfer’s Delight Skin Care Gift Set 

It’s a gift set that includes sun tan lotion, golf tees, a golf ball, and golf ball markers. This gift set is safe to be placed in your carry-on bag because it only weighs 1 ounce. Thus, this is totally fine to bring on an airplane. 

Golfer’s Delight with LikpKist Skin Care Gift Set

As the term implies, this gift set includes 1-ounce suntan lotion, lip balm, golf tees, golf markers, and a golf ball. And this gift set is safe on the plane. There are no restrictions on lotion and lip balm so you can carry them on your checked bags. However, if you don’t want the hassle of carrying them when traveling back to your home, you can just order them and Arizona Sun will deliver them to your doorstep. You can order as many gift sets as you want. 

Kokopelli Bookmark 

Do you like reading books? If you do, then you know how handy a bookmark is to keep track of your progress or help you return to where your reading session ended. This bookmark is quite unique as it comes in kaleidcolor metal. You can’t find it in your local bookstore. It’s also an inexpensive gift that you can present to your friends or family members who love to read books. Even if your recipient doesn’t read all the time, it’s still a handy tool if that person loves to write on his/her planner. 

Arizona Sun Note Card Box 

Yes, it’s safe to carry it in your bag. This sun note card box includes 10 blank note cards with artwork by Stephen Morath. You can gift it to someone special when you get back from your Arizona trip or you can use it in your office to personalize your communication with your colleagues. There are many wonderful things that you can do with these cards. Whether you want to use it as a holiday card or a greeting card, this card box is an ideal souvenir that you don’t want to miss in your carry-on bag.

Arizona Souvenirs

Where to Buy the Best Souvenirs that Represent Arizona?

If you are still looking for other gift sets that will remind you of Arizona, please head over to our Arizona Souvenirs page or browse through our catalog for all of our products.

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