Why We Wear Lip Balm (and How We Develop Our Own)

A lot of us have purposefully or inadvertently taken on the habit of wearing lip balm. We probably saw our parents do it at some point, get a balm as swag in some event, and ever since we’ve been using them on a regular basis. But do we really know why? There are a lot of benefits to putting balm on your lips but a lot of people aren’t really aware of them, although you have to be careful not to rely on it too much. Like just about anything, it’s good in moderation. Let’s go over the benefits of using it and how we at Arizona Sun can help you out.

Why Do We Use Lip Balm?

The main reason behind why we use balm is to provide our lips with an occlusive, protective layer on the surface to seal their natural moisture and protect them from external exposure. Why is this necessary? Well, external elements such as dry air, wind, and cold temperatures all impact the skin by way of taking moisture away from it. Lips, in particular, tend to be a lot more vulnerable since the skin on them is so thin. This is why you tend to feel dryness on your lips much more than you feel it on your face or body. This leads to them being the first to show the signs of dryness and hence make you uncomfortable in some way.

What Does This Balm Do?

As previously mentioned, this balm provides a sort of sealing protective layer to the lips in order to trap the moisture in and keep them from drying at the mercy of the outside elements. Certain occlusive materials such as petroleum jelly and waxes fulfill this purpose, which is why your lips have that waxy sort of feeling after you apply any sort of balm to them. These keep the moisture in while also maintaining a sense of comfort in regards to the dryness. Certain balms are equipped with specific components that help moisturize, medicate, or protect from the sun as well. There are many different ways in which you can make sure to protect your lips while also easing the pain of potential dryness.

prickly pear lip balm

Arizona Sun Lip Balm

Here at Arizona Sun, we have carefully developed our balms for the harsh conditions of the American Southwest, and we all know what that is like. The sun is harsh, the air is dry, and the excessive heat is a mere fact of life. That is why we have designed our lip balms to hydrate, moisturize, and nourish lips, as well as protecting them from the effects of the sun. Not only are they specifically made to keep your lips from drying up but we made them to be SPF15 in order to avoid them from getting sunburnt. Our balms come in two different flavors, Prickly Pear and Lemon, both of which are delicious and long-lasting. Either can be worn under or over lipstick, posing no obstacles to the way you look, and their natural ingredients can be reliable sources of comfort and health all year-round.

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