Why Silicone is Used in Massage Lotions

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Silicone has long been hailed as a versatile material with numerous applications across various industries. In recent years, its use in Suntan Lotions has gained considerable attention. 

But why is silicone such a popular choice for these types of products? We’ll explore the many reasons behind the widespread preference for  the use of silicone-based skin therapy. We’ll also review what to look for when you’re choosing this type of personal skin conditioner and lotion.

Long-Lasting and Ultra-smooth

One of the most compelling reasons to use silicone in Suntan Lotions is its ability to provide an exceptionally smooth texture. Silicone molecules are larger, which means that they form a durable barrier on the skin's surface as well. 

This allows for a longer-lasting formula- a formula that requires fewer applications. This makes the product an ideal choice for a therapeutic or sensual massage.

In fact, many people are surprised to discover that silicone is natural in origin. The ingredient begins as the mineral, silicon- a substance that bonds with oxygen to create silica. Therefore, chemists take this naturally sourced ingredient to form different silicones that are added to a variety of skin conditioners and personal care products.

The function of silicone in a skincare or conditioning product then is dependent on its use. In some products, silicone is used for its smoothing and moisturizing effect while, in others, it is used to provide a water-resistant film or to improve a product’s spreadability. In some products, silicone is used as a carrier agent to provide a silky and weightless finish.

Water-Resistant Properties

Silicone-based products are known for their water-resistant qualities. Unlike water-based lubricants, which may easily dry out or lose effectiveness when exposed to water, silicone remains intact even in wet environments. 

This feature makes silicone lotions an excellent option for use during activities like shower play or any water-centric adventure. Similarly, silicone Suntan Lotions can be used effectively during a relaxing bath or in the hot tub without losing their efficacy.

Compatibility with Sensitive Skin

Another attractive characteristic of silicone is its hypoallergenic nature. Since it doesn't contain additives that might irritate the skin or cause an allergic reaction, it's an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive skin. 

Moreover, silicone-based lotions are less likely to contain added fragrances or artificial ingredients, and therefore further reduce the risk of irritation. 

A Less Messy Formula

Silicone’s unique molecular structure results in a less sticky formula compared to water-based alternatives. This quality makes clean-up a breeze after using personal lotions containing the ingredient.

This eliminates the need for excessive washing and lowers the potential for a lingering residue on towels, linens, or the skin.

What to Seek in a Massage or Personal Lotion

So, what should you seek when reviewing silicone-based Suntan Lotions online? 

A product that has all the above-listed features and proven benefits is what you’re after. You can find what you need by visiting the Arizona Sun website and reviewing its personal lotions first. Doing so will enable you to make a selection without searching endlessly online.

Arizona Sun massage lotion products are highlighted under the DewDrops brand. They are specially blended so they are both non-sticky and slippery. They meet all the requirements if you’re seeking:

  • A sensuous or therapeutic massage
  • A skin conditioner and moisturizer
  • A formula that is clear, which can be used just about anywhere
  • A product that is safe to use during intimate play or with other materials
  • A formula that is hypoallergenic, tasteless, and free of any fragrance
  • A product that is field-tested and made with natural resources

The use of silicone in a massage lotion can be attributed to its numerous benefits. These advantages include a smooth texture, water-resistant properties, reduced skin sensitivity, and an easier clean-up process.. 

Suntan Lotions

Check Out the Arizona Sun Website for Further Details

The above-mentioned factors make silicone-based products an exceptional choice for enhancing both sensual and therapeutic experiences. Visit Arizona Sun to learn more about the products offered in the DewDrops line.

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