Why Crystal Glass Nail Files Are Better than Emery Boards

Crystal glass nail files
Crystal and glass are interchangeable terms when it comes to nail files, so ArizonaSun makes everything easier to understand by featuring
crystal glass nail files in its product line. 

Now, don’t worry about the quality of the nail files as they are made with hardened, tempered glass. Therefore, you won’t have to contend with shards of glass cutting you when you’re filing. While emery boards have long dominated the marketplace, you’ll soon discover crystal glass nail files are a better option. 

They are lauded for their durability, efficiency, and hygienic benefits, and can last as long as a year. Compare that to the emery board, which deteriorates pretty fast - after one nail filing session. 

Reasons Why Crystal Glass Nail Files Are Better for Nail Filing

So, let’s look more in depth as to why crystal nail files are a logical choice.

  1. Durability: Unlike emery boards, which tend to wear out quickly, crystal glass nail files are designed to last a long time. The surface is crafted from tempered glass and does not degrade over time, meaning you won't have to keep replacing your nail file.

If manicuring your nails is part of your regular grooming routine, a quality crystal glass nail file will last about a year - maybe even two or three years. It just depends on the use.

  1. Efficiency: Glass files are known for being precise and sharp, allowing for smoother filing in both directions without the increased risk of damaging your nails. This means less time spent filing and shaping your nails. You can only file our nails in one direction with an emery board, and it's rougher on your nails. So, when it comes to efficiency, it’s better to opt for the crystal file.
  1. Gentle on Nails: Crystal glass files are gentle on your natural nails thanks to their fine, smooth-grit surface. This helps prevent damage that can occur--such as splitting or peeling--that harsher, lower quality files cause.
  1. Hygienic: Nail hygiene is essential for maintaining healthy hands and feet. Unlike the porous emery board that can harbor bacteria and fungi, a crystal glass nail file is easy to clean. Simply wash it off with soap and water or disinfect it with rubbing alcohol.
  1. Aesthetically Pleasing: With their elegant designs and beautiful colors, glass nail files can also double as a stylish accessory.

How to Use a Crystal Glass Nail File Properly

Now that you know the benefits of using a crystal glass nail file, you’ll want to make sure you use it correctly. Follow the steps below to ensure that your nails come out manicure-perfect.

  1. Clean Your Nails: Before filing, clean your nails thoroughly. Make sure your nails don’t have leftover polish or residue. Also, don’t file wet nails. Make sure they’re totally dry before you begin.
  1. Choose the Right Grit: Most crystal glass files have a fine-grit surface suitable for natural nails. If your nails are thicker or artificial, look for a nail file with a slightly coarser grit. ArizonaSun’s crystal nail file selections are made for natural nails.
  1. Hold the File Correctly: Position the nail file at a 45-degree angle under the edge of your nail to create the desired shape. Hold it steady in your hand and guide the nail across the file.
  1. File in One Direction: While you can file in either direction with a crystal nail file, it’s best to file from the edge toward the center - one way. This will ensure better nail health and prevent splitting or cracking. You’ll still save more time than if you use an emery board, That’s because the tempered glass provides a smoother and gentler approach.
  1. Shape Your Nails: Here’s where you can become artistic. File gently along the edge of your nails, following their natural curve to create the desired shape – rounded, square, or in between. Remember, you can’t replace a nail file for a nail clipper. Clip your nails before you shape and file them.
  1. Finish with a Buff: After you've filed and shaped your nails, use a buffer with a fine grit to smooth out any remaining rough edges and give your natural nails a polished look and shine.

Choose From a Selection of Crystal Nail Files on the ArizonaSun Website Now

Investing in high-quality crystal glass nail files is not only a smart choice for maintaining healthy and beautiful nails but also an economical one as well. By knowing how to use the files properly, you'll vastly improve your nail care routine and enjoy salon-worthy results at home. 

Crystal glass nail files

So, buy your crystal glass nail files online now. ArizonaSun provides high-quality glass files that will give your natural nails a professionally manicured look. Check out this item for yourself.

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