What’s in the Travel Size Tanning Oil?

travel-size tanning oil

Travel-size tanning oil is perfect for people who are always on the go. The ingredients of tanning oil will depend on the brand. If you are looking for a blend of natural components, then you’re in luck because Arizona Sun only uses Southwest’s natural ingredients. 

Ingredients of Travel Size Tanning Oil from Arizona Sun 

As you take a look at the product label, you’ll find several ingredients. But we’ll only highlight the main active ingredients in this post. 


When it comes to skincare essentials, aloe vera is always on top of the list. There are several reasons for this. One is that it helps in soothing sunburned skin. Thanks to its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. But it’s not just for burned skin as you can use it to retain moisture. It’s high in antioxidants and minerals to hasten the healing process. With these benefits, it’s no wonder aloe vera is a favorite amongst skincare enthusiasts and those who want to soak themselves in the sun during the summer season. 


This is not as well known as aloe vera. However, sage plays a huge role in skin cell renewal and proper blood circulation. Sage is an herb rich in calcium and vitamin A. These nutrients are required for cell regeneration. With that in mind, it can protect your skin and minimize the onset of facial wrinkles. You can also use it to improve the appearance of varicose veins. 

Wild Rose

It’s a plant that offers many skincare benefits, including anti-inflammatory and soothing irritated skin. Wild rose also contains a high amount of antioxidants that can help in strengthening skin cells and facilitate skin tissue regeneration. These properties make this plan beneficial to people suffering from sensitive skin. Combined with other natural ingredients, wild roses can play a huge role in minimizing the damage from prolonged sun exposure. 

travel-size tanning oil


This desert plant is good at retaining moisture while defending itself from the sun. It soaks up and retains water to become juicy. This is one of the main ingredients of our tanning oil because it helps the skin feel soothed. It also minimizes skin irritation. It has been proven to be suitable for all skin types. In addition to its moisturizing components, cactus also contains antibacterial properties. That’s why it’s perfect for fighting acne. Thus, if you apply our tanning oil with cactus content, you won’t worry about breakouts. 


It’s a perennial plant that thrives in desert climates. Jojoba produces a nut that offers many healing properties. The nut is made into an oil, which is used in our tanning oil. Jojoba is known for its humectant ingredient. It attracts water to ensure that your skin is properly hydrated. It also has antibacterial properties that can kill bad bacteria thriving in your skin. 

Blend of Natural Ingredients 

Combine these ingredients and you get a powerful tanning oil in a travel-size bottle. You can carry it in your purse so that any time you need to hydrate your skin, just reach out to it and apply a generous amount to your skin. This is also good for a relaxing hot bath or a massage. Check it out here. 


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