What is the Point of Natural Sunscreen SPF 8?

natural sunscreen SPF 8

Summer is here. It is time to reach for your favorite sunscreen. But you notice that it is a natural sunscreen SPF 8. And you know that the higher the SPF, the better. Is SPF 8 even effective? 

What is Natural Sunscreen SPF 8

Before determining whether or not SPF 8 is practical, know first what SPF stands for. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is the number that you see on any sunscreen product. It does not indicate how long you can stay safely out in the sun. Rather, the number denotes how long it takes for your untanned skin to start turning red. 

Makers of sunscreen products use a simple formula to obtain the SPF number. According to the Australian Academy of Science, “The number of seconds it takes a patch of skin to slightly redden when covered in sunscreen is divided by the number of seconds it takes to slightly redden when there is no sunscreen applied. Say it took 300 seconds for skin to burn with sunscreen, and 10 seconds to burn without it. 300 is divided by 10, which is 30. The SPF is 30.”

natural sunscreen SPF 8

How to Apply Sunscreen with SPF 8? 

The directions are on the product page. Generally, you need to apply the product to your exposed skin, 30 minutes before sun exposure. Cover your entire body with 1 ounce or 30 grams of sunscreen. 

When you go swimming or if you sweat profusely, you should reapply this product. Then, if you are out for a long time, reapply it every two hours. Be careful not to make contact with the eyes when applying this product to your face. Never use it on irritated skin. 

Should You Find Higher SPF? 

The sun protection you get is not proportional to the SPF number. It may be true that the higher the SPF, the better protection you can get. But when you have SPF 8, it can already block more than 75% of the UVB rays. Choose an SPF 10 sunscreen and it can block 90% of the UVB rays. But if you go higher, the protection does not go up significantly. 

The main goal here is to apply the right amount of sunscreen. And re-apply every two hours. Furthermore, you need a sunscreen product that contains natural ingredients. Take note also that it is better to have a low number than no SPF. 

Is SPF 8 Effective? 

Yes, it is. However, because of its low SPF, you must limit your sun exposure. At Arizona Sun, our suntan lotion contains SPF 8. It lets you stay in the sun to help you obtain a gentle tan. A good amount of sunscreen is enough to protect your skin from the dangerous effects of UV rays. 

Although natural sunscreen SPF 8 offers skin protection, don't stay outside during peak daylight hours. And if you are ready to buy sunscreen protection, make sure to visit our shop here. 

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