Understanding Your Skin in the Desert

Whether you’ve lived in the desert for years or are just visiting, there are a few things to know about proper desert skincare that is different from other climates. Besides the obvious need for extra moisturizer and aloe vera, Arizona skincare routines require a little more attention. 

Healthy Skin Starts With Nourishing Soap 

You’ll probably notice as soon as you get out of the shower that your skin feels dry again instantly in desert climates. Hot water has the same effect on your skin, so between the two, it’s especially hard to maintain moisture. Hot showers are always tempting, though we promise you won’t miss them when experiencing an Arizona summer. A combination of Arizona Sun Bath Gelee and a mild water temperature is the first step in caring for your skin while in a dry climate. 


Arizona Sun Bath Gelee is formulated with Vitamin E, aloe vera, and jojoba extract that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and relaxed. Our sensitive skin is not meant for harsh soaps you’d find at a grocery store. They strip away our body’s natural oils that moisturize and soften skin. Arizona Sun Bath Gelee was created to work in harmony with your body, not prevent it from doing its natural thing. Remember to use our exfoliating gloves to gently remove dead skin cells for your healthiest skin yet. 


Following up with moisturizer immediately after showering or bathing is the best way to lock in moisture and keep your skin consistently smooth and calm. Because your pores are open from the steam or warm water, moisturizer can easily penetrate below the top layer of your skin, providing deep relief. Arizona Sun Oil-Free Moisturizer is your best defense against that tight, irritated feeling that comes along with a dry climate. Use it all over your body as it’s oil-free and won’t clog pores. 

Oil-free Moisturizer - Arizona Skincare

Put an Emphasis on Sunscreen

We’ve all had someone tell us at one time or another that we don’t need sunscreen. Our ancestors didn’t, why should we? What they probably don’t know is that skin evolves just as humans do through generations and generations. The skin of our ancestors is completely different than ours and thus, we need more protection and care. 


Skin cancer is not a pleasant thing to think about and you especially don’t want to be reminded of it when you’re out playing in the sun. Put it out of your mind and get back to enjoying your time outdoors with Arizona Sun SPF 45 Water Resistant Spray. This spray is lightweight and dries in seconds for a barely-there feeling that you can trust to keep you protected. 


An Arizona summer requires a higher SPF sunscreen as the sun’s UV rays are very strong. If you’re visiting Arizona, remember that it’s not like summer in Northern states where you’re farther away from the equator and aren’t at quite as high of a risk for sunburn. It’s also important to apply sunscreen more often in the desert as well. We recommend reapplying every two hours to ensure you don’t burn or cause any irritation to your skin. Rely on Arizona skincare to keep you happy, healthy, and moisturized throughout your trip to the desert or your whole summer here! Call us toll-free: (800) 442 4786 or visit our website today for the full Arizona Sun collection: 

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