Try Our Suntan Lotion SPF 8 and Safely Get That Tan You’ve Been Looking For

suntan lotion SPF 8

If you’re looking to get a nice tan, you will have a hard time finding a better aid than our Arizona Sun suntan lotion SPF 8. Here’s a brief guide on how you can use it to get that tan.

How to Use Suntan Lotion SPF 8

A lot of people are, and rightfully so, concerned about the health of their own skin, which will take a lot of different shapes. This includes skincare routines, moisturizing, and similar processes that keep your skin healthy. However, the most important one will always be wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen is incredibly important when it comes to making sure your skin stays healthy. However, you also want it to look good, which is why you might want to tan as well. Here’s how to safely use our suntan lotion SPF 8.

Recommended Minimum SPF

When it comes to using sunscreen, it’s always important to remember that yours shouldn’t go any lower than an SPF 30. That’s right, regardless of your skin tone, your age, or your gender, a minimum SPF of 30 is recommended in order to spend time out in the sun with full protection. People with paler or more sensitive skin, should probably find an even higher SPF level to avoid sunburns, but in general, 30 is going to be a safe bet. Here at Arizona Sun, you won’t just find suntan lotion. You will actually find a wide array of sunscreen products meant to help you stay safe in the sun while you have fun. Sunscreen is always important when it comes to spending time outdoors, particularly in parks, beaches, pools, and similar open air environments.

Responsibly Using Suntan Lotion

However, just sunscreen won’t be ideal if you’re planning on tanning. That’s where suntan lotion comes in handy. Now, the reason our suntan lotion SPF 8 has such a low SPF is because it’s not meant to be used all by itself. After all, it’s suntan lotion, not sunscreen. It’s not there to protect you but to help you tan. What it does is stimulate the melanin in your skin in order to make it more receptive to the sun rays that allow you to tan, so if you’re looking to get a more complete and balanced tan, be sure to apply some of our suntan lotion before you sunbathe. However, remember that, because of everything we discussed above, it’s very important to use it in conjunction with actual sunscreen.

suntan lotion SPF 8

Sun and Skincare Products

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to enjoying the sun, regardless of your location or the time of year, is that lack of protection will always be an issue. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s cloudy enough or if you think you won’t be out in the sun that long; it’s always important to protect yourself from sun damage to prevent its long term effects, be them premature aging, skin cancer, burns, or any other. Here at Arizona Sun, you will find everything you need in order to confidently venture out into the sun, whether it is to enjoy the summer activities or for your daily activities. Check out our line of products and get started!

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