The Best Methods for Sunburn Relief

Sometimes, even if we put on sunscreen or relegate ourselves to the shade, we are bound to get a little sunburnt. Whether we missed a spot or went too long without reapplying, it happens to the best of us. Then it becomes necessary to apply some sort of sunburn relief. There are plenty of products and home remedies meant to address this, so here’s a bit of a breakdown of the options available.

Cool Baths

Cool baths are the easiest and most common home remedy for getting sunburnt. It is often good to take frequent cool baths or showers in order to help relieve the pain. It’s important to remember that this must be in cool water, because even warm water will make it worse, let alone genuinely hot water. That’s not to say that cool water will heal the actual sunburn, but it will at least help with the pain itself. When you dry yourself, be sure to do so by patting yourself, not rubbing, with a soft towel. Getting sunburnt dries up your skin, after all, and rubbing your towel will dry it even further.


Getting sunburnt doesn’t just cause your skin to dry up. It also causes swelling, redness, and discomfort. There’s no over the counter medicine that will actually or fully heal the sunburn itself, but there is some medicine that can ease the symptoms themselves. Aspirin or ibuprofen can help ease the effects of this swelling and this pain. Don’t rely too heavily on these however, because they can only do so much for you. It is often recommended to just take them when the pain and discomfort are too much. It’s better to apply stuff that directly heals your skin instead of helping you cope with the byproducts.

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Aloe Vera Sunburn Relief

Using aloe vera sunburn relief is one of the best ways to actually give some relief to sunburned skin. There is a fair amount of research that shows that the clear gel filling the thick aloe vera leaves can be helped in the process of healing a sunburn. In order to treat sunburns, a gel with the necessary aloe vera component over the affected area. Not only does this help relieve the pain caused by sunburns (as well as cuts and scrapes), but it also moisturizes skin, helping your skin actually heal. For decades, and probably more, aloe vera has been used in order to help relieve the effects of the harsh southwestern sun. Today, it continues to be the preferred way to provide relief from sunburn.

Arizona Sun Sunburn Relief

At Arizona Sun, we understand the effects that the sun can have on the skin. After all, this is Arizona. We want to make sure we can provide people with the necessary aloe vera product for you to relieve the harsher effects of the sun on your skin. Using the natural components of aloe vera in order to naturally heal the skin has been part of the southwestern tradition for a long time. Our relief gel is one of the many products we offer to help deal with the negative effects of the sun on the skin. Whether it’s sunblock or relief from sunburn, you are bound to find the right product for your own situation.

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