Suntan Lotion, LipKist, and More from Arizona Sun Makes Its Way Around The Globe

You’ve heard our slogan, “Word of mouth says we’re the best.” Now, this is an easy claim to make but we know it to be true because, since 1982, Arizona Sun has relied on fans sharing and gifting our products with friends and family. It wasn’t until recently that we started using the power of social media to advertise Arizona suntan lotions. Since the beginning, much of our business came from Arizona visitors discovering us through gift shops and, of course, our lovely friends and family who shared Arizona Sun with their friends and family.  

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What Makes Arizona Sun Special 

Once you discover our unique Southwest skincare and suncare, it’s hard to resist telling everyone about it. Our formulas include Arizona native plants that aren’t commonly found in traditional suntan lotion. Plants that thrive in the Sonoran Desert like Cacti and Sage contribute to the fresh and original scent of Arizona Sun. Combined with famous skin soothers like Aloe Vera and Jojoba, it’s no wonder our products travel all over the world. Since 1982, Arizona Sun has always kept sensitive skin in mind when formulating our products. Most drugstore brands claim to be beneficial for extra dry, irritated, or oily skin, yet they have harsh ingredients and high amounts of alcohol which quickly dries out the skin. If you’re constantly reapplying lotion and lip balm, it’s time to switch to Arizona Sun for long-lasting hydration and relief. 

Where Do You Take Your Arizona Sun? 

Recently, Arizona Sun has been spotted amongst the orange and red fall leaves in Michigan. Coincidentally, Arizona Sun owner Robert Wallace is originally from The Great Lakes state and knows the fluctuating climate there can be hard on skin. It turns from humid summer to crisp fall quickly in the upper midwest, so plenty of Arizona Sun Moisturizer is an absolute must during this time of year. Over the years, Arizona Sun has become a favorite in our neighboring state of California. It’s no wonder they love our suntan lotion with all the opportunities to be outdoors year-round in the sun and surf. The salty ocean water requires plenty of lip balm, like SPF 15 Surfer Blok and SPF 15 Lipkist Lemon to keep lips hydrated and smooth. Arizona Sun always makes its way to The Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii. Of course, with most vacations postponed, we’ve seen our suntan lotion spotted close to home quite often these days. We applaud everyone for doing their part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 so that we can get back to our tropical destinations soon! 

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